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  1. @snowbound thanks so much! that's reassuring that it isn't crazy to be considering a non-environmental program over some of most well established schools in the field (though likely my initial question was set up for bias haha). im not even sure i will end up using those cs skills later on but to some extent am banking on them seeming more useful in the long run..
  2. Hi all! i'm really struggling with my decision here as i'm choosing between three fairly different programs - the MSCAPP at Harris, vs Yale's MEM and Duke's MPP program. I do want to focus on enviro policy after graduation so I am worried about Harris' relative lack of environmental networks. The skills that the CAPP program develops is exactly what I am looking for, although im not sure if they will actually be useful in the field afterwards. Does anyone have any insights into Harris' environmental network and whether networks should be weighed in more heavily than skills?
  3. Really interesting insights on these programs - thanks all! I was wondering what folks' take on the skills vs. network question is here - I am interested in enviro and energy policy, and am currently deciding between a few fairly different programs - Harris (MSCAPP), Yale (MEM), and Duke (MPP). I tend to like more technical things so I am more inclined to pick the MSCAPP program (where i can develop more data science skills) vs. Yale and Duke where I would have a much stronger environmental network. I also find myself liking the structured curriculum at the MSCAPP a lot more, but not sure if that's short-sighted. I'm pretty sure I want to pursue a career in enviro policy, but have a pretty broad range of sectors - i.e. i can see myself anywhere from a consulting firm to a environmentally focused start up to a world bank type organization. Any insights would be very much appreciated!
  4. When negotiating with Harris, does anyone have any suggestions as to whether it is better to ask for the highest amount of another offer (which for me is ~$20K/year more than Harris) or a more reasonable amount that Harris might actually be likely to give you ($5-10K?)
  5. Hello, I'm planning on applying to MPP programs this year, and I am unsure of who to ask for my third letter of rec. As some background, I graduated two years ago and have been working for about a year and a half at the same company. So far, I have asked: 1. Econ professor from undergrad 2. Associate at my current job 3. ? For the third recommendation, I am considering asking another associate at my company, but am afraid that asking two people of the same title (and no managers/people higher up) would reflect poorly. I think the associate knows me better than any of the managers, though, so I am more inclined to say it would be a more enthusiastic letter. I am not particularly close nor have I worked very closely with most managers. Another consideration is the degree of the letter writer. The associate I would ask does not have a degree in public policy - how much does this matter? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  6. Hello everyone! I'm looking at MPP/MPA/etc programs with a focus on environmental policy. I'm pretty clueless about how to go about finding funding for grad school, so I was wondering... How likely is it to get at least some funding to the top programs?Are there any programs that are known for funding master's, similar to Princeton's WWS?Is funding often merit based or need-based?Are there any other good places to look for external funding sources?What do the majority of students do? Student loans or find funding?Thanks in advance for any answers!
  7. Hi guys! I don't have much of an idea of how competitive I am for programs out there, so I was thinking I'd throw out my stats and hear some feedback! Thanks in advance for help Program: MPP/MPA/MALD etc School Applying to: UC Berkeley Goldman, Tufts Fletcher, Columbia SIPA, etc, all for their environmental policy concentrations Undergrad Institution: a top LAC Undergrad GPA: 3.4 Major/Minor: Economics & biology GRE: 167 V/170 Q/ 5.5 writing Age: 22 Years of Work Experience: 1 year by next fall Published Work: None Languages: Mandarin Other: Work Experience: research experience at uni and at fairly well known government consultancy Quant Experience: Econometrics, linear alg, AP math creds Strength of LoR 1: Econ prof, should be decent Strength of LoR 2: Probably another econ prof, I only took one course with this prof but he seemed to like me? I loved the course Strength of LoR 3: Haven't thought this far yet Concerns: GPA, lack of quant background
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