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  1. I am curious - a lot of you don't seem to have applied to WWS even though you applied to all other top programs. Any reason? As someone that is potentially going there, it would be helpful for me. Please do share if you can
  2. I didn't get any too. Feels very mean. I thought I'd get at least a little because CPL fellowships are supposed to be super competitive and I was shortlisted. WWS it is, I guess!
  3. Just got my CPL decision - haven't been offered a fellowship. But, I suppose this means that we'll hear about the regular scholarships soon too?
  4. Didn't receive any. Travelling from India :/
  5. I got accepted to the MDev program with close to 50% aid (tuition + living). I am an applicant from India with an undergrad in mathematics. I have a very strong and long-standing background in social work which is the core of my application. The reason I am mentioning this is because I don't think IHEID is as marks focused as one might think - a shift from math to dev studies is a pretty huge one. The fact that they considered my application based on professional experience is a good sign, I think Congratulations to everyone that got in! And to the others, I am sure there are great thing to come your way
  6. Hey, we will be receiving an email soon with all the details, apparently. We can expect it over the next two days, perhaps.
  7. Yes, would like to know the answers to both these questions (I am an international student though)
  8. There are more than 2 people, actually...This is weird. Scroll down, you'll see more 2017 results.
  9. I am genuinely struggling to choose between HKS and WWS at the moment. I am an applicant from India and want to come back and work here. Whether or not these schools hold weight in DC is not a concern for me. Certain elements that I am considering: - Class size: 60 (WWS) vs 225 (HKS); Quality; Scope of relationship with profs etc. - Classmates: Considering that HKS offers many HBS-HKS like joint programs, it is said the the emphasis on 'commitment to public service' is far greater at WWS. I don't mean to sound douche-y, but I do not want to be in an environment where the top concerns are salary or how fancy a job will I get at the end/ how many important people will I meet (especially considering I won't be working in the US) - Academic Focus: Is HKS considered a professional school while WWS has more academic focus? WWS has limited number of courses and HKS has far too many. - Brand: I want to be a policy practioner but definitely see myself as a leader (be it my own social enterprise/ direct entry into government/ politics). People are saying that internationally, the 'Harvard' brand is more valuable than the Princeton one. But, within policy circles and those that actually have knowledge of the schools, WWS is more respected than HKS. - Location: Princeton is a small town while Boston is definitely more lively (especially with Fletcher, MIT etc) Princeton offers full scholarship + stipend. If I get full tuition scholarship at HKS - which one would you recommend? I have 1.5 years of work experience and have been admitted to the MPP program at HKS and MPA at WWS.
  10. Thanks! This is helpful!
  11. I am going to both weekends. I haven't decided on bus/flight. I am coming from India, so a lot of planning left to do.
  12. Hi All, I have been shortlisted for an interview for one of CPL's fellowships and I was hoping that I could get some insight on what to expect in the interview. Is there anyone on this forum that has gone through this before/ has any information on what the committee is likely to grill you about? I would really appreciate some advice!
  13. I am considering going because I'm struggling with choosing between WWS and HKS.
  14. Do you have any idea? How many interviews do they conduct per fellowship, approximately?
  15. Haha, no, I am trying to estimate how many people get shortlisted for these interviews! Is it a small number or large? And if there are any overlaps..
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