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  1. Well after 8 months of dreaming and waiting, rejected. Wish you all good luck
  2. Got an answer couple of days ago, they post-poned my applcation to the normal procedure. I think that means I got declined in the early-admission right?
  3. I am still waiting, they said It was mid-january, so I guess we will have results in a week or so
  4. Thank you for your answer, I think my chances will be higher with a great motivation letter and a good references I guess.
  5. Hello, I'm an international relations student from Turkey and I'm going to graduate from my university end of this year. I'd like to continue my studies at IHEID in the International Affairs Master's Program yet I'm not really sure If I am elligible to get accepted from the institute. My gpa is 3,25 at the moment, I can raise my GPA to 3.30 when I graduate; I have had some experience throughout my stuides as an intern in a Turkish Embassy, in the government and in a bank. I know both French and English. If someone has any information, can someone tell me what are my chances of getting accepted
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