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  1. Curious to hear what your stats were for those who got in and those who didn't. I have a 3.6 gpa 167Q 159V and am trying to figure out if that'll get me in to SSP or if the V is too low.
  2. Programs: MA (GU SSP, AU SIS, GWU SPS, SAIS, Fletcher, Jackson), MPA (WWS, SIPA), MPP (HKS) Interests: Foreign policy, national security, terrorism, non-state actors, conflict resolution, behavioral economics applications to diplomacy Undergrad institution: Midsize state school in a large state Undergraduate majors: Economics and Finance Undergraduate GPA: 3.6; Econ 4.0; Finance 3.85 Quant Courses: Calc 1, Calc 2, Stats, Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, Time Series Analysis, Intermediate Macro, Intermediate Micro, International
  3. Am I competitive for SSP at Georgetown? Would be applying for either Spring 2018 or Fall 2018. Undergrad: State school. Major in Economics. 3.6 gpa and 4.0 Econ gpa. GRE: 167Q 159V 4.0W Work experience: 2 years at an investment firm. 1 year at state (at time of application). Lot of extracurriculuars in undergrad and since graduating. If there's any other info I can provide just say so.
  4. Bump. Trying to figure out if I need to work on my verbal or if 159 is good enough with the strong Q.
  5. Took the gre on a whim without studying and got a 167Q 159V. Is this competitive for programs like HKS, WWS, SAIS, Gtown? I know typically higher verbal is preffered but wasn't sure how the high Q would help.
  6. Thanks for the response - it's great to hear from someone who was in SSP. I've pretty much narrowed it down to SSP vs Law, but threw in the MPP to see if anyone thought I should do that. I'm looking for something more international relations and security studies (not econ like my undergrad) so the program definitely feels like a good fit. If you don't mind me asking, why the PhD now? That was something I was thinking about SSP to PhD in Policy or just the JD so would be great to get some color on that. Also if you don't mind me asking a few questions: 1) what type of role are you in now? 2) di
  7. I'm looking to make the switch to a policy role related to International Relations/Security, Foreign Policy, or Defense Policy. I'm in the process of interviewing for some opportunities, but also want to pursue graduate education (and believe I'll be able to get at least a partial sponsorship if not full). I'm looking at these 3 programs at Georgetown and trying to figure out which is the best to target. The dream job would be working for the Director of Policy Planning at State or Undersecretary of Defense for Policy. Which of these 3 degrees would set me up best to puruse one of these opport
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