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  1. Thank you for your reply! I actually am looking to go into policy reform, and this is the first time a MPP/MPA degree was brought to my attention. I agree that it should be fit over ranking, I think I am just feeling pressured to go to UChicago. From my research, it has been very hard to locate MSW programs with programs/faculty dedicated to the prison population. However, I already have experience working directly with the population and was thinking maybe I could benefit from broadening my interests and really delving into the policy reform side of things, which I believe UC
  2. Hello all, I was accepted into both the University of Pennsylvania SP2 and University of Chicago SSA programs. Although SSA is the number 2 MSW program I am leaning more towards SP2 because I believe it better aligns with my interests. I want to work with folks who are/ have been incarcerated and Penn has a re-entry program and I can also do a MSW/JD at Penn. I'm just conflicted because of the prestige of the SSA program and I believe it's such a great opportunity I don't want to pass it up, they also offered me a larger scholarship amount. Someone give me some insight or words of wi
  3. Thank you all for your comments. Once I actually gave it some thought I decided to scrap it.
  4. Hey all, So when, if ever, is it appropriate to make a slight joke in your SOP? I'm applying to social work and I'm discussing sort of a heavy topic in my statement. the statement requires me to identify a social problem and how a practice or policy could change the issue. Anyway, so I'm talking about the problem, and i go on to say "if i had my way blah blah blah blah" [stuff about what how I would address the issue], then it pops up in my head to say "unfortunately, or some would argue fortunately, I am not the ruler of all things"....appropriate?? leave it out?? Leaning more towards sc
  5. 1. Beyonce 2a. Federal prison psychologist 2b. Federal prison warden 3. Research psychologist for the secret service 4. Successful house flipper. Way under-qualified to be Beyonce. 2a-3 I am working on, 3 is my absolute dream job, 2b is more of a back up, I just think 4 would be a pretty awesome job, maybe if my degree gets me nowhere (which seems to be a popular trend nowadays) I'll go for it.
  6. Thank you guys for your advice! What is the university you're looking at doesn't have faculty with your research interest, should that stop you from applying? I plan to go for a PhD after MSW and know that would be a factor then, should it be for masters programs as well?
  7. Thank you guys for your responses! I think its important to mention that I am applying for MSW programs, I noticed most of the posts involving POI involve those for PhD programs, is it still as important to contact POI's for masters' programs, also, should I be asking if the prof. is "accepting" new student for the fall? Is that only applicable to PhD pursuits?
  8. Hey guys, So while doing research on what/what not to include in my PS, I came across this article I found helpful. It includes a variety of thing to include and to avoid while going through the application process, including info on LOR. Anyway, heres the link:http://psychology.unl.edu/psichi/Graduate_School_Application_Kisses_of_Death.pdf Now, I've a question for you guys about making reference to the faculty, or research focus' of the university. I came across a faculty member at a university I'm applying to who's research aligns with my interest, but she's an assistant professor, woul
  9. Finding this website/thread literally just stopped me from canceling my GRE appointment. I am applying for PsyD programs and take the GRE next week, needless to say I am extremely nervous and overwhelmingly doubtful. I dont have a great GPA, when I went to my academic advisor we calculated my possible GPA when I graduate and I'll be at a 3.0, maybe a 3.1 if I'm lucky. I've never been good with standardized tests so I'm not sure how that's going to go. On the other end of things I've worked within my field at a rehabilitation home for folks with traumatic brain injuries, I've also had a
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