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  1. Hello As an international applicant from Turkey, I've been admitted to Rowan's Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. program starting by Fall 2016. They've offered tuition waiver + 25k$ annual stipend. Not bad at all... My B.S. and M.S. are on mechanical engineering. I've always wanted to work on Biomedical Engineering. The point is, what do you know about Rowan? Should I give it a shot?
  2. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. better safe than sorry. 

  3. Ah, the ardous times for us, sub 3 people... I am an international student, mechanical engineering Ph.D. applicant for Fall 2016 with uGPA 2,83 M.S. GPA 3,31. Both are from the top-tier schools of my country. I was resolute to compensate this uGPA issue with +2 years relevant industrial experience in a prestigous international automotive company as an R&D Engineer. Well, I did. this week I am resigning -Took GRE twice, scores being 146V 170Q 3.5 AW and 152V 165Q 4.0 AW, -TOEFL IBT 102. Well, I applied to 7 schools. I hope I can get a thing. Before application I established contact with potential advisors and added their names in my SOP. Fingers crossed
  4. Greetings friends! I am applying to a university in USA and my potential Ph.D. advisor said me that he is going to award me with assistantship funding within a project. In this condition, am I going to pay for the tuition fee? Or will it be waived? Thanks in advance
  5. @visgiven Thank youu!! It was soo motivating to read it! Anyways, I gotta keep searching for advisers
  6. I hope one day I'll join this topic of sub 3 achievers. Wohah!
  7. Mechanician 2015 Thank you, this was nice. But, is it a must to go to the campus? Or do you think it'll be beneficial for acceptance?
  8. Greetings! I want to speak with the professors face to face, in order to find a potential Ph.D. thesis adviser. Well, e-mailing does not work as efficiently as this way. Thus I decided to go to USA this summer. What to do? Where to stay? Do they allow "potential students" in the dorms if we pay the fee?
  9. Errr.....Any answers-recommendations?
  10. Is it just a dream? Can't I just compensate my low B.S. (2,83) and M.S. (3,31) GPAs with high GRE-TOEFL scores, good references and my professional job experience in American companies? (By the way, my schools are the top ones in my country.) I feel very sad when I see GPAs like 3,60 are denied.
  11. Nice questions! I'll follow this topic
  12. Hello! Another victim of sub 3 GPA spaking! I plan to apply for a Ph.D. in USA for fall 2016, and I'm just preparing my documents and stuff... Both my B.S. and M.S. schools are the top ones in my country, Turkey... Summarizing: age 26 Undergrad GPA : 2,83 M.S. GPA : 3,31 +2 years of professional work experience TOEFL IBT : 102 GRE : 170Q, 146V, 3,5AW ( terrible! I'm retaking it a few weeks later) Good LOR SOP not written yet. A few articles are to be published in next months. Do you think that I have a chance for good schools (not top,I know!)? I plan to apply for the schools in FL. Thanks in advance!
  13. Greetings! I graduated from mechanical engineering and I plan to apply for the same divisions of the universities in the USA. My GRE scores are the following: Quantitative 170 Verbal 145 (I know, I know, it's too bad) Analytical writing (expecting at least 5 for I was familiar with the questions, submitted nice essays) By the way, my undergrad GPA is 2.83/4.00 I am awaiting your answers/comments. All are quite precious for me! Thank you!
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