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  1. I am traveling outside the US, late to sign my I-20 and I have emergency flight. Can I leave my I-20 to my friend so he can take it to ISS to sign it and then mail to me back to my homecountry so I can re-enter the US
  2. Hi guys, I have taken international student loan, which is not even too big amount. I was wondering if I can travel outside of the US for a month. When I was signing my loan documents, I don`t remember having anything mentioned about that in documents.
  3. Hi guys, I plan to take some cash(not a small amount, but not very big as well) with me to the plane, actually to the planes, since I will be travelling with some stops. Can you give me any tips on handling cash while travelling? How to store it? I wasn`t actually too worried about this, but sometimes I think of worst case scenarios like "what if loose money? will my parents be able to send money directly to the airport?", so I try to find useful recommendations. I also wonder how I will get through screening with cash in wallet, I mean I don`t want to put my wallet onto one of thos
  4. Hey guys, do rental companies accept international passport (for verification or whatever) upon arrival when you move in? Because, I sent my passport scan for rental application and they said it works for now but they will need me to present my US ID(which obviously I dont have) when I arrive. But I suspect this is because I hid almost everything(concealed with white rectangles) on my passport scan except my name, date of birth, date of expiry. So would they accept my passport if I dont hide anything on it?
  5. Oh, thanks very much! Your post comforted me. Yeah, I have both acceptance and offer letters and I will bring them, I hope everything will be okay
  6. Thanks a lot for your reply and sharing your experience! The last story was actually scary My previous visa and SEVIS are expired, so I`m obtaining a new visa. I really hope that the officer will think the same way about the flight risk. I also hope I won`t be burdened on the interview by too many questions like why I left my previous uni, why I`m going to the new one and etc. Also one of the things which I`m worried about is that this time I don`t have some kind of cover letter. For my previous visa interview, my advisor wrote some letter for me describing the research plans
  7. Hey guys, As I left my previous uni(didn`t complete my studies, didn`t earn the degree) after 1 year and got admitted to a new one, I`ve applied for a new F-1 visa in my country. Now, I`m kind of worried about the interview, I wonder, can anything be different this time? And if yes, what? I mean, can my interview last shorter than my 1st time? Or on the contrary, the officer will ask me more questions? Or they will ask some additional documents?
  8. Hi guys, I`m planning to take a student loan, the problem is I don`t have valid US bank card, so they wont be able to deposit it through direct deposit, but they can deposit it to my student account. So I wonder, if I have some money on my student account, will I be able to withdraw it somehow? I mean, get in cash
  9. haha you got it absolutely right!
  10. Hey guys, Let`s say I live with 2 roommates and someone damaged the TV in living room which is common area. Who will pay for that? Or someone caused some damage to something in kitchen, who will get charged for that?
  11. Thanks very much for response! I`m also more inclined to the option B, I hope I will manage to get full refund of deposit.
  12. Hey guys, I have 2 options for housing and I really need your advice. I asked few people, but still I can`t make up my mind. Option A: living with 1 student(PhD student, really nice roommate I think), apt is furnished, but my bedroom is unfurnished, private WC, shared shower, no gym in the complex, deposit: 150$, lower total rental(including all utilities), the closest bus stop is 10 mins walking(only 1 bus stops there), grocery is 5-6 mins. Option B: living with 2 or 3 students ( 2 grad+1 non-student, a bit older employed guy), fully-furnished, private bathroom, has gym in the
  13. Hey guys, I put my SSN(not the copy of the card, just the number) in rental application, at that time I didn`t think about leaving it just blank(dumb me) and now I`m concerned if it can be used in a bad way. I mean can they anyhow damage me using my SSN ?
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