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  1. Ask him write a letter of recommendation explaining what happened on his side and how you would be an asset to any program that accepts you. I don't feel you need to write it into your personal statement.
  2. GRE is high in my opinion. no need to retake it.. email program incase they have a min score
  3. Take it as soon as possible... the Q and V score show instantly. But the wiring score may take a few weeks.
  4. Avoid.. I've and Couldn't. In academic writing it should be ... I have... Could not..
  5. You can submit a final paper for a course you previously took. The sample is to show your writing skills, does not have to be a long article, some universities may specify what kind or even page limit so please check with the program coordinator. Also, some may have writing prompts for you.
  6. start getting ready for the GRE exam and make connections with professors for LORs
  7. do not recommend taking a loan at all... no need to let it sit... if u need at the time then get it
  8. Even if you can't raise the Q score but manage to raise the V to above 160 and AW to above a 5 ... you will have a competitive GRE score. Still... practice and practice... try to get it above 150 if you can. Good luck with your applications! Try to increase your chances and apply to more universities... Your GPA is excellent!
  9. Focus on your SOP and getting LORs from faculty.
  10. Almost all PhDs in the US are funded by the university itself when they offer you admission. This is the norm. GRE is the usual requirement for graduate school. Good Luck!
  11. I would contact the program coordinator of the university/degree your applying for. Sone universities specify on their website they require Academic related LOR but some don't. I would ask to be on the safe side. Good Luck
  12. Please update us on this issue if possible..I really hope things worked out and he put your name back.
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