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  1. I am not currently applying, but the easiest way to find out whether they will have space for new students this cycle would be to email your POI or the graduate coordinator. If you choose to reach out to your POI, you can take it as an opportunity to introduce yourself and your interests to them as well as ask them if they plan to take graduate students for Fall 2019. ?
  2. Hey! From what I have seen, it is not unusual for education phd applicants to be in their late 20's or into their 30's so I don't believe it will be a problem for you. Many programs want their doctoral students to have had a few years of teaching experience but there are still a number of them that do not have that requirement. I am not in the English education field but here are some ideas to get your started in your search: University of Michigan: English & Education Joint PhD University of Florida: English Education PhD Stanford University: Curriculum Studies a
  3. Congratulations! UT Austin has an amazing program!
  4. How I would read it is that while they have some TA jobs, the exact number of available spots is dependent on how many student who currently are TAs graduate. I don't think it's necessarily a no, I think it's more they need to see how many vacancies they are working with and they will get back to you about it.
  5. Congratulations!!!! That is super exciting!
  6. How is it going for everyone? Good vibes to you all!
  7. I agree with @Levon3 - Having a few years of teaching experience can be very helpful going into a graduate program in education. In fact, some programs require having 2-3 years of teaching experience (but that depends on what your interests are). I've known people who went on to work with the American Institutes of Research , became a Reading/Math/Technology specialist, went into administration, worked for an online education company, become college professors- really, there are tons of options. What are your interests specifically?
  8. Thanks! I hope things are going well with the process for you. Work experience goes a long way too!
  9. @Birdy-Bird The area I applied to is focusing on LD/High-Incidence. Are you focusing on ECSE at the doctoral level too?
  10. Hey! Yes, I did submit them recently. I know what you mean about the relief when there's nothing else you can do! I'm applying to Vanderbilt, Texas-Austin, and UVA. I think they went well but I always worry I could have done something better. Where are you applying to? What are you getting your PhD in?
  11. Hello everyone! I know a lot of the deadlines are coming up soon for education programs so I thought it was a good time to see how it is going for everyone? What program/degree level are you applying for? Personally, I am applying to special education doctoral programs and am now calmly anxiously waiting. Hope everyone is doing well!
  12. Hi all- This fall I will be beginning my MAT program in Special Education at a reputable public university. My plan is to teach for a few years and then apply again to get my doctorate in Special Education. At my school I know that the MAT program does not require a thesis but instead has a field project. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions as to how I can make myself a competitive candidate for a PhD program in this type of a scenario? Thanks!
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