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  1. Waiting&Hoping2018

    Literacy Specialist - Requesting a 101

    Hey! From what I have seen, it is not unusual for education phd applicants to be in their late 20's or into their 30's so I don't believe it will be a problem for you. Many programs want their doctoral students to have had a few years of teaching experience but there are still a number of them that do not have that requirement. I am not in the English education field but here are some ideas to get your started in your search: University of Michigan: English & Education Joint PhD University of Florida: English Education PhD Stanford University: Curriculum Studies and Teacher Education (CTE): Concentration: Literacy, Language, and English Education PhD Temple University: Education: Literacy & Learners PhD University of California - Berkeley: Culture, Development, & Learning Sciences: Language & Literacy PhD Vanderbilt University: Language, Literacy, & Culture PhD It really depends on the program as to how much funding you will get, but there are Education PhD programs out there that do provide full funding. I hope this helps
  2. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    Congratulations! UT Austin has an amazing program!
  3. Waiting&Hoping2018

    What does this email reply mean?

    How I would read it is that while they have some TA jobs, the exact number of available spots is dependent on how many student who currently are TAs graduate. I don't think it's necessarily a no, I think it's more they need to see how many vacancies they are working with and they will get back to you about it.
  4. Waiting&Hoping2018

    Vanderbilt Peabody 2018

    Congratulations!!!! That is super exciting!
  5. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    How is it going for everyone? Good vibes to you all!
  6. Waiting&Hoping2018

    Career Question From an Undergraduate

    I agree with @Levon3 - Having a few years of teaching experience can be very helpful going into a graduate program in education. In fact, some programs require having 2-3 years of teaching experience (but that depends on what your interests are). I've known people who went on to work with the American Institutes of Research , became a Reading/Math/Technology specialist, went into administration, worked for an online education company, become college professors- really, there are tons of options. What are your interests specifically?
  7. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    Thanks! I hope things are going well with the process for you. Work experience goes a long way too!
  8. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    @Birdy-Bird The area I applied to is focusing on LD/High-Incidence. Are you focusing on ECSE at the doctoral level too?
  9. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    Hey! Yes, I did submit them recently. I know what you mean about the relief when there's nothing else you can do! I'm applying to Vanderbilt, Texas-Austin, and UVA. I think they went well but I always worry I could have done something better. Where are you applying to? What are you getting your PhD in?
  10. Waiting&Hoping2018

    2018 Education Applicants

    Hello everyone! I know a lot of the deadlines are coming up soon for education programs so I thought it was a good time to see how it is going for everyone? What program/degree level are you applying for? Personally, I am applying to special education doctoral programs and am now calmly anxiously waiting. Hope everyone is doing well!
  11. Waiting&Hoping2018

    MAT to PhD?

    Hi all- This fall I will be beginning my MAT program in Special Education at a reputable public university. My plan is to teach for a few years and then apply again to get my doctorate in Special Education. At my school I know that the MAT program does not require a thesis but instead has a field project. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or suggestions as to how I can make myself a competitive candidate for a PhD program in this type of a scenario? Thanks!

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