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  1. I was wondering about this to so looked into it and found a company called US Mobile that lets you pick exactly what you want from a monthly phone contract (i.e. no. of minutes, texts and amount of data), and you can bring your own device to use with their contract. Also just as fuzzylogician said, the company uses two of the big four carrier networks so looks like it gets pretty good service around the country. It doesn't look like you have to pay a deposit either, and the company actually has a partnership with some US universities which means that if you're a student there, you can pick up
  2. Thanks for the info, @Juicebox7! I would appreciate this too - if the talk does go ahead it’s at midnight my time and I have to be up early in the morning
  3. Hi all! Crossing my fingers for all Master's applicants as they await the admissions decisions. I found out a couple of weeks ago that I was admitted to the PhD programme for HDLT at HGSE, and could not be more excited about it! It was the only programme to which I applied because I just felt it was such a good fit, so I know how you all must be feeling as you anticipate hearing from HGSE Having gone through this just a couple of weeks ago, I have one piece of advice about the waiting process. I totally understand that you all want to hear as soon as possible and so are trying to f
  4. Another acceptance posted in the Results, congratulations to you whoever you are
  5. @gradhopeful0000 I was thinking that too, and I haven’t heard anything either. It definitely seems odd that there was just the one post and nothing more...anybody want to claim that post as the one lucky person haha?
  6. Mine was in my inbox but my computer was convinced it was some kind of malware for some reason so I’d make sure to check spam too! Fingers crossed for all of you!!
  7. Hi all! Just wanted to thank you for providing an excellent source of support over the past few months - I found out yesterday I have an interview for the PhD in HDLT! @Cookiz (and others), congratulations on your interview! I'm sure you have no need to stress as your stats are great and your story sounds really interesting I hope it goes well and wish you very good luck
  8. Does anyone have any good distraction techniques? I am going out of my mind checking my email every 10 minutes (even though I know it's currently the middle of the night in Boston!)
  9. Hi @Waiting&Hoping2018! I actually only applied to one place, and since I'm anticipating interview invites going out this week (based on previous years' Results pages), I'm pretty much struggling to focus on anything else!! Has anybody heard anything from anywhere they applied? I hope everyone is doing well and is keeping it together better than I am
  10. @NativeEd that's true! Wow, having initially felt as though there were a huge amount of time between submitting the application and hearing back, interview notification has rolled around quickly! I'm with you in terms of having no regrets about the application, and have adopted a pragmatic philosophy that if I get in, it would be a wonderful and magical opportunity, but if not I don't have to move 3000 miles across the Atlantic and leave all my friends and family! None of my friends are applying this year, which partially explains why I'm relying on this thread for comfort haha! One of my frie
  11. @NativeEd I was wondering about this too! It looks from previous years like they go out on various dates between the middle and end of January, so I think I will hold out until Jan 31st and if I haven't heard I will assume I'm not in! I've been visiting this thread pretty much daily to see if anyone else has posted about PhD applications, so I'm glad I'm not alone. With a few weeks having passed since applications were due, how do you feel about yours? @jmaroon thanks for the insider info!! I recognise your name from last year's thread (not that I've read it millions of times or anything
  12. Looking at the forums in previous years, it looks like early March is the norm for Masters courses too, and doctoral applicants seem to find out by the end of February. I guess maybe they say late March online just in case of delays or to give themselves a couple of weeks extra time if they need it?
  13. I was wondering about this too. When I log in to my account on GSAS it says “application status submitted” in bold and the list of my recommenders, but nowhere does it mention my GRE scores. After seeing your post I found a link to the applicant portal, and underneath the bold "Standardized Test Scores" mine says GRE General Official 11/2017, so I presume this means these have been received?
  14. Congratulations on submitting, and I'm sure they will have been great! I'm applying to HGSE for the PhD in Human Development, Learning and Teaching. I'm working on my CV at the moment as I have never written an academic CV before, it feels very empty though as I have more employment experience in NGOs than I do research experience
  15. Hello! Have you submitted your applications? I am applying for doctoral (PhD) programmes too and have spent the whole day working on my SoP, weirdly looking forward to December 1st when the application will be finished and the outcome will be out of my hands!! Where are you applying? How did your applications go?
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