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  1. Johns Hopkins Education PhD

    @PhD234 I have heard back as well. Feel free to DM if you want to chat more!

  3. CU Boulder School of Education?

    Hi! I applied to their EPPE program and haven't heard back yet. Congratulations!!!

    Hi all! Glad to hear that so many people have gotten interviews and acceptances Best of luck to everyone as we start hearing back more... I saw that several people have started hearing back from UCLA, and was wondering if all the concentrations get notified around the same time, or if they tend to be really spread out? It looks like Urban Schooling has heard back so far... Anyone else heard back from any other concentration?
  5. HGSE 2018

    Good luck! I'm sure you'll be great!
  6. HGSE 2018

    CIS applicant here as well; no news! Folks that heard back, did the email land in your inbox or your spam?
  7. HGSE 2018

    Hi all! For folks who applied to the PhD program, my guess is that we'll hear back (or not) some time this weekend about interviews... the past four years, interview notices have gone out before Spring classes begin. This year Spring classes start on the 22nd! Yeeks!