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  1. Edugy

    Columbia University Teachers College Fall 2019

    @Alexyc I graduated from this program and I'm happy to answer any questions you might have. TEIT is something that NY state used I describe the program, don't worry about that. Students vary greatly in terms of background, some have traditional teaching backgrounds, others more on the technical side, with a few students with research backgrounds. I heard back on the 3rd week of March when I applied.
  2. Edugy

    HGSE 2018

    I've been pretty busy with work and haven't gotten the opportunity to do nearly enough GRE prep, taking it next week so I can meet the deadline. I'm definitely not going to have enough time to focus on verbal, I'll just be going over some AW structures and some Math. In the meantime, I've been working on cranking out a general SOP to give to my recommenders so they have an idea of what I want to focus on, feel more rushed than I had initially anticipated.
  3. Edugy

    HGSE 2018

    @imagicalI'll be joining the virtual event tomorrow.
  4. Edugy

    HGSE 2018

    Great question, my statement of purpose could have definitely been better. I think the more time that passes, the (hopefully) less important my freshman and sophomore GPA becomes.
  5. Edugy

    Joint MA in higher education and MBA

    I think it depends on what you're hoping to do with the degree. I've seen some people that are pretty high up in edtech companies with the Stanford degrees. If you're more interested in higher ed administration or working in the public, a masters or doctorate might be more financially reasonable. The MBA is going be pretty expensive, so you're going to want to go into a space where you can pay back the loans.
  6. Edugy

    HGSE 2018

    Hey, everyone! I was hoping to apply last year, but I got caught up in work and couldn't get my materials ready in time. Hoping that kicking off the thread will prevent that from happening again! I'd love any feedback on my stats or background! Applying for PhD Program/Concentration: HDLTGRE Score: V 620, Q 790, AWA: 4.5 (Took the GRE in 2010 with the old scoring system, so I have to retake it)GPA: 3.25 undergrad(last 2 years – 3.8) / 4.00 gradWork Experience: 1 year at an edtech company as an instructional designer, 2 years founding and running an AI healthtech company Undergrad/Grad Institution (Public, Private, Ivy, etc..): top 10 US Public University / Columbia(TC, M.A. in Instructional Technology) Research Experience: 3 years in 3 different labs for undergrad(2 cognitive psych, 1 social psych), 2 years at 3 different labs at Stanford(3 cognitive psych), 1 year in 2 different labs at TC(1 human development and 1 educational games), 1 poster presentation in a different field(computer science/AI). LoR/SoP: 3 from professors I did research with, SoP focused on both teaching technical/coding skills, and using AI for generative educational software What Other Schools Are You Applying To: TC, Penn, Stanford, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge HGSE rejected me in 2013 when I applied for my masters(got into both Penn and TC with scholarships). Hoping I'm a stronger applicant this time around, but I still need to study and take my GREs(I've been out of the standardized test game for a while so I'm a bit concerned). I'd be more than happy to tell anyone else that's also applying to TC things about programs/student life there. Best of luck!
  7. Edugy

    Instructional Technology & Media @ TC?

    I graduated in 2014. I was pretty involved with the games research and classes, but it's less focued on digital game creation, and more focused on game design and gamification in education. The programs can go a couple ways depending on your interests. I had friends focused on becoming school technologists, instructional designers, and edtech. I was personally most focused on edtech. There's a bunch of overlaps with media studies in education as well. I think it really just depends on what you're interested in.
  8. I did the Instructional Tech program. I think it's a bit more well rounded in terms of theory and future job prospects, but it really depends on what you want to do afterwards. It affords you more potential opportunities after graduation vs Computing in Education.
  9. I had a friend from SIPA who got an offer from Mckinsey this year, I had some friends from Columbia Business School who didn't get offers, so it really depends on the strengths of the applicant.
  10. Edugy

    Teachers College 2015

    Which program are you applying to?
  11. Ever since I moved to California, I always liked having some side projects. Over the past couple of months, I've... http://t.co/bHZMJ8Wvnv
  12. It's bizarre to think that something that's such a regular, albeit small part of your life is ending.… https://t.co/GAiibZjMK8
  13. It's not that I'm obsessed with prestige, I work in tech and specifically mentioning TC often confuses people. I'm not arguing that TC is an affiliate school of Columbia, it absolutely is without a doubt. I'm trying to address the original question: "Is a degree from TC ==== a degree from Columbia University?". The answer to which is Yes.
  14. Edugy

    Fall 2016 Applicants

    If I end up applying to HGSE/Stanford/TC, I'll definitely have to retake the GRE. MIT Media Lab and Oxford don't require the GRE. I'm interested in the LTSD program at Stanford.
  15. Having a degree from Teacher's College IS (emphasis added) the same as a degree from Columbia University, even though it has a separate board of trustees, endowment, dean(president) than Columbia. TC is viewed as the graduate school of education at Columbia. Acceptance rates aren't a determiner of whether a school is part of a university. HGSE has higher acceptance rate compared to other schools at Harvard, that doesn't make it any less a part of Harvard University.

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