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  1. Thanks for the feedback! Do you mind explaining more? I'm curious why the MBA may be a better option than a program tailored to higher education management and leadership.
  2. Hi everyone. I'm curious if anyone has feedback on joint MA in higher education and MBA programs. I'm interested in working in higher education administration one day, and it seems like the management and leadership courses in an MBA could be a strong compliment to a higher education masters. In addition (and I know some may disagree), I think the MBA could be a unique and marketable degree. About me: I currently work in education policy, and I'm considering one day working at the campus-level in administration. I'm more interested in the administration side (strategic planning, work with the President's office, government relations) than student affairs. I'm considering a masters in higher ed, but I'm intrigued by the joint program. Both Stanford and Michigan have MA/MBA programs. (Stanford is a joint degree; Michigan is a dual degree.) Any thoughts? Thanks!
  3. When you say the "first edition book," do you mean the free online workbook? My score was actually better in the free workbook. Have you taken other practice tests?
  4. For the actual GRE, it looks like the paper-based test has 25 questions, but the computer-based test, which applies to most if not all of us, is 20 questions. This would explain why the number of questions are different in practice books. They're staying consistent with the number of questions you would find on paper. http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/about/content/cbt/
  5. Did anyone try the free workbook that was available on the ETS website? I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I think the version posted now is new. The workbook has a free practice test included, and my verbal and quant scores were definitely higher with the ETS workbook (710-800 verbal; 740-800 quant). Granted, I've studied a lot since I first took my diagnostic test, but I would be thrilled if my scores were that high (98-99 percentile verbal; 80-94 percentile quant, according to the workbook). Anyone else have experience with this? Also, the new version of the free workbook has predicted scores on the new scale. However, it converts your raw score directly to your scaled score. In the old workbook, it made sense that it would give you a range for your score because different questions are weighted based on difficulty. How does ETS predict your scale score in this new workbook without giving you a range?
  6. I'm also pretty terrible at math. I think using Princeton Review has helped a lot though. I would also check the ETS website. I was looking around on it yesterday and noticed they had two extensive free PDFs devoted just to math. Not sure if it would be helpful or not, but it may be worth a shot. http://www.ets.org/gre/revised_general/prepare
  7. I think its the opposite. Obviously, you want to aim for a high score on any test, but based on previous posts, it sounds like most practice tests (depending on the company) are harder than ETS.
  8. I haven't taken the ETS practice test yet. How do you think the tests compared? You did awesome on the ETS practice test. DId you feel like it was easier?
  9. I'm feeling the same way. I don't take it until mid August. I know I need the time between now and then to study and prepare more, but I'm ready to take the actual test instead of practice tests that give me a hypothetical of my real GRE score.
  10. Great! That's exactly what I'm doing. Did you find that your score improved from a diagnostic test before studying to the actual GRE? Also, did you study anything for verbal in addition to the hit parade?
  11. Thanks bfat! I'll definitely look into that. Where are the PR drills online? My practice book says I have access to them, I just can't seem to find them anywhere. Would you say Kaplan is the best for additional verbal practice? I have the ETS book, but I was thinking about getting an additional book to use for practicing.
  12. That's good to hear. Needless to say, I was a little thrown off by the Kaplan score. I haven't taken the PowerPrep test yet. It's only compatible with PC, so I won't be able to to try it out for another couple weeks when I can get to a different computer. Do you mind checking back in after you take your ETS practice test? I'm curious to see how the scores correlate to your other tests.
  13. I just took a free Kaplan practice test, and I'm a little surprised at my score. I've taken two Princeton Review tests so far, and each time scored 158V and 150Q. My Kaplan scores: 153V and 144Q. A huge difference! Anyone else had this happen? How reliable are these tests compared to the actual GRE? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Daria. That's encouraging to hear. I made flashcards from the Princeton Review that I carry with me, but I also downloaded the Kaplan app on my iPhone. I'm able to use that when I don't have my flashcards with me. Hopefully it'll help!
  15. Thanks physwimic. I have some Kaplan flash cards, so I plan to study those words too. It seems like the GRE can really be luck of the draw on vocab.
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