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  1. I’m actually working as a high school English teacher and adjunct professor, but I would love to get my PhD in English someday. It’s just a personal goal of mine. I would also love to teach at the college level full time someday. I just didn’t know if this would be a good idea. I’m having a really hard time getting into a funded PhD program, and I have a master’s degree from a top 10 school. It’s just complicated, I guess.
  2. Has anyone ever heard of the online PhD program in English at Old Dominion University in Virginia? It sounds like a wonderful idea, but I wanted some advice. What are your thoughts on a distance learning program?
  3. Hey, everyone. I just applied to the PhD in English for the Fall 2020 cycle. My dream was always to be a professor of English literature. Right now, I'm working as an adjunct professor, which truly doesn't make a lot of money. At the same time, I'm temping at a travel agency. Anyway, I've been battling some depression lately. A part of my anxiety and depression stems from teaching. I'm not sure why, but I took a break from teaching at the college level. I've been exploring other career options. Librarianship seems like an interesting field, but everyone keeps telling me it's a dying profession and it's not worth the MLIS. What should I do?
  4. Thank you so much, everybody! To be honest, I decided against retaking it. It’s just too much money right now. I will work super hard at my supplemental materials instead.
  5. Thank you so much, everyone!! ❤️ If you're still interested in swapping, please send me a PM!
  6. I'm actually interested to know, too! To be honest, I got accepted to their PhD in English last year, but they didn't give me funding.
  7. Hi, everyone! So, I'm applying to the PhD in English for the Fall 2020 cycle. My two dream schools are the University of Delaware and Temple University. Two weeks ago, I took the GRE and got a 156 on the Verbal Section. I think it's the 73rd percentile. For the AW section, I got a 5.5, 98th percentile. I was worried if my score wasn't good enough since it's not a 160, and I was planning on retaking the GRE on November 15th. However, I'm a bit nervous. I want to study really, really hard to push for a 160, but I'm not sure if I will have enough time to take practice tests before November 15th. I just got a full-time job and my finances are terrible right now. I want to save every dollar possible for the application fees. Is a 156 good enough for the schools I want? To be honest, I don't want a top-tier school, but I'm worried if these top-60 schools won't accept me. What do you think?
  8. Hi, everybody! I was wondering what is the standard heading that I would use for the statement of purpose. I have seen a few where the title is "Statement of Purpose" and the name is in the header. Can you show me some good examples? Also, would anyone be interested in swapping? I would love some feedback on my statement of purpose. Thank you so much!
  9. UPDATE: I've decided to retake the exam. It's better to be safe than sorry! :)
  10. Hello, everyone! I just got back from my GRE. I know this sounds silly because it's not a stellar score, but I scored a 156 on the Verbal section. I'm just so happy because I feel like I'm actually making progress. My scores were really, really low last year. I actually am starting to understand how this exam works. Do you think I should retake the exam in a month? I already got accepted to a university for a PhD in English, but I didn't get funding. In order to enhance my credentials, the head of the department told me I could push for a 160 on the GRE verbal. I've just been feeling conflicted because a few people told me it wouldn't be worth the $200 for four points. What do you think?
  11. Do you mean that you'll be taking the GRE during the first week of December? I think you should be fine. Of course, it will be a bit close, but that gives ETS a month to send over your scores. ETS takes 14 days to submit scores to universities. I think you should be good! Wishing you the best! :-)
  12. Hi, everyone! So, I’m set to take my GRE on Friday. Words can not express how scared I am. I feel like all my dreams are dependent on this exam. Here’s why: I already got accepted to a PhD program, but they couldn’t give me funding. After speaking to the chair of the department, he told me that I can defer my admission for one year and perhaps be considered for funding the following year, in 2020. He said I can strengthen my application, especially my GRE scores. The department likes to see scores of around 160 and I had a 153 on my GRE. I told myself that I will retake the GRE in November if I don’t do well this time around, but I don’t know why I’m so scared. Any words of wisdom or advice for me?
  13. Has anyone ever skipped a section on the GRE? I spoke with one of my professors today, and he gave me some advice about the GRE. He told me I should really only care about the Verbal portion, since I want to apply for the PHD in English. I already scored a 5.5 on the Analytical Writing. Would it be wrong to skip this section and get a NS (No score) for that portion? Has anyone ever done that before?
  14. Hi, everyone. I'm scheduled to take my GRE on October 11th. I actually am thinking about taking another GRE in November just to be safe and aim for the scores I want. But I'm having some trouble with reading comprehension. I finished the Magoosh course, and I have the ETS Official Guide and Workbook. I am not doing so well on the reading comprehension. I feel like Magoosh didn't really help me with reading comprehension. I've also heard rumors that it's better to go along with the ETS Workbook and the 5 Lb. Manhattan Prep book, since they are closer to the actual test. Do you recommend any good books for reading comprehension and the difficult passages on the GRE? How should I practice this portion of the test? Thank you so much in advance!
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