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  1. Thanks, @fuzzylogician. Yes, the recommendations and the applications have been submitted. I do have to ask - some of the schools have rolling admissions (even now in May). Should I reach out to some schools and ask them if I can send them a third letter of recommendation from a professor?
  2. Hi folks! I recently submitted my application for a program in Educational Technology. Both of my recommendation letters came from my supervisors, both of whom have known me for a while in a professional setting. The schools that I applied to said that I should provide academic recommendations, whenever possible. However, I also read that as a non-traditional applicant (i.e., someone who's been out of school for a number of years), professional recommendation letters would work for many programs on several of the schools' websites. I've been out of grad school for more than two years. Should I worry about both of my recommendations being from my work, even if they both recommenders work in the field of education and have seen me use technology successfully? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hi! I hope everyone's doing well! I recently came across Instructional Technology and Media at TC, and I wanted to know if someone who is currently in the program or who has graduated from the program could tell me exactly what the program focuses on. My impression (based off of the name and the catalog for the Math, Science, & Technology Department) is that it focuses on technologies and media that complements instruction, like videos, simulations, and games. But, there's also a degree for designing and developing digital games at TC, so I'm confused. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. @nikkimx You need to decide what's right for you. If you want to do research, go for it. If your heart's not fully in teaching, you're only doing a disservice to your students if you stay without your full commitment to the profession. Don't let anyone guilt trip you, if you know in your heart of hearts that you're doing what you truly want to do. You only live once.
  5. Can anyone speak to either of these programs? Better yet, can anyone tell me how Computing in Education at TC is viewed, in comparison to Instructional Technology & Media?
  6. @bluesea1981 Rejected yesterday. Did anyone get a Skype interview, or did everyone else get phone interviews, like I did?
  7. Sure, but I'd prefer to PM you, if that's OK. I applied for an Ed.M.
  8. Hi! I got rejected from Columbia TC this year. Thinking of reapplying next year. Should I e-mail the ad coms and ask them for feedback? Have any of you had success getting in after reapplying to Columbia TC? Anything would be appreciated. Thanks!
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