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Hi folks!

I recently submitted my application for a program in Educational Technology. Both of my recommendation letters came from my supervisors, both of whom have known me for a while in a professional setting. The schools that I applied to said that I should provide academic recommendations, whenever possible. However, I also read that as a non-traditional applicant (i.e., someone who's been out of school for a number of years), professional recommendation letters would work for many programs on several of the schools' websites. I've been out of grad school for more than two years. Should I worry about both of my recommendations being from my work, even if they both recommenders work in the field of education and have seen me use technology successfully?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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If I understand you correctly, the application is already submitted, along with the LORs? If so, I'd strongly encourage you not to spend too much time wondering what-if, because that just won't get you anywhere productive. Once you have your results, if necessary, you can rethink whether you made the right choice; and important part of any advice anyone here might be able to give would be knowing what your other options might have been, otherwise it's hard to know if the choice you made was the best one.*

* Caveat: it's not always the case that there even *is* a "right" choice, so really the question is just if it gets your where you need to go, or if there might be another option that has a higher likelihood of doing that, given that there are no certainties in this process. 

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Thanks, @fuzzylogician. :) Yes, the recommendations and the applications have been submitted.

I do have to ask - some of the schools have rolling admissions (even now in May). Should I reach out to some schools and ask them if I can send them a third letter of recommendation from a professor?

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Well, if you can get a *strong* letter from a professor -- that is, a letter that will actually strengthen your application compared to not having it, I think that might be a good idea. Given that you're submitting this as an extra LOR, creating more work for your readers (and generally as a rule in life, for any portion of your application), this extra LOR should clearly be worth the readers' time. 

Since the programs you're applying to explicitly say to submit academic references, if you'd have asked me before you submitted, I would have said to make sure at least one of your LORs is academic, perhaps both, plus you could submit an extra one from a boss who knows you more recently. Since you've already submitted two professional LORs, yes, if you can find a professor to write you a last-minute letter, you could go for it. Another question you could ask yourself about your two letters is how distinct they are going to be. If they both basically say the same thing, their utility is limited compared to having two letters that describe very different aspects of your personality and work. Again, maybe this is more for future reference, but if you have a chance to make changes now, it's worth rethinking. 

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