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  1. Though administrators and those in higher up positions are often the main ones accepted into EdD programs, it is possible for teachers to be accepted as well. Generally, someone accepted to an EdD has been in the field of education for many years and can demonstrate they've taken on leadership roles in their position.
  2. Well Dean's Awards (and other awards with specific titles) often correspond to a specific dollar amount or percentage so it is certainly possible that school A will notice the discrepancy. They may or may not choose to take action over the couple thousand dollar difference though. Not exactly the same situation, but I know someone who was negotiating job offers between two top companies. Company B offered a higher starting salary but my friend really wanted to work for Company A and wanted more money than either one was offering, so he lied about what company B was offering to get compan
  3. It is possible they could find out, but it would depend on several factors. Are these schools in the same city/state/region, same tier level, etc? Does School A regularly get students from School B? If so they should be well aware what a genuine offer letter looks like and what typical financial award packages are given from School B, and may follow up with school B if something seems amiss. Did your husband copy an actual 2018 offer letter word for word from School B and just change his name and personal information? If so, then I would say he's probably less likely to be found out, as l
  4. Did you have an interview? Feel free to dm if you prefer that way.
  5. Did anyone apply to the JHU education PhD? If so, have you heard anything yet?
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