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  1. atomintheuniverse

    Pennsylvania State University (PSU) -- 2018

    Starting a PhD in C&I with the College of Education this fall!
  2. atomintheuniverse

    State College, PA

    That's a major relief. Quiet and slightly outdated is the tagline of my life, so this seems to be perfect. Thanks for the detailed response
  3. atomintheuniverse

    State College, PA

    Hahaha, I legitimately have no idea how much that's worth. In Indian Rupees, it all seems crazy
  4. atomintheuniverse

    State College, PA

    I managed to get a decent lease there for 950$ a month excluding electricity. I was just wondering if anyone has been there before considering that all I had to go with were pictures Education here! I was offered 30k a year as stipend money. Hopefully that should be enough for a decent, ramen-fuelled lifestyle, heh
  5. atomintheuniverse

    State College, PA

    I'm probably heading to PSU this Fall. Can someone help me out? I have a couple of questions. I do have a fellowship from the university that takes care of tuition and pays me a stipend but that being said, how expensive is State College in general? As a single PhD student (probably getting a car), how much am I likely to be spending annually, excluding rent? If I run out of money, I'm properly messed up as an international student with zero fallback Secondly, has anyone here stayed at Executive House Apartments? The place seemed nice from the pictures. Apparently, it's located on Waupelani Drive and I have no idea how the neighbourhood is. It was one of the few places that didn't ask for a US Social security number to rent. Finally, my girlfriend lives up in Albany, some 5 hours away. That's a long drive that I'm willing to make if the roads are pliable. Realistically, how often does the weather get bad enough that driving becomes an issue? Cheers! See you all this Fall in any case
  6. atomintheuniverse

    2018 Education Applicants

    Ah, yeah, that's what I thought. Oh well
  7. atomintheuniverse

    2018 Education Applicants

    Stanford decided to play with me for a couple of months on the waitlist for a CTE PhD. I didn't have an interview, so for those of you who didn't, hope isn't lost! On that note, is hope lost? How likely is it for waitlisted candidates to get an offer? Good luck to everyone else!
  8. atomintheuniverse

    Stanford GSE

    I just got waitlisted for CTE (Fall 2018). Didn't have an interview. Any idea what the stats are for people getting admitted off of the waitlist? Anyone here not accepting their offer?

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