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  1. Yes! Came here to say the same thing. I graduated from the sister program in Spanish (sociolinguistics track) and I'll add that the programs in linguistics at NC State often allow their students to take courses in other departments for credit. The courses in the program in English/Linguistics are intensive, taught by very accomplished researchers, cover a wide array of topics, and there are a lot of outreach opportunities that you can get involved with. Being fully funded is also a plus! All of their graduates who have moved on to PhD work have been accepted to competitive programs (Georgetown
  2. The bus system is fairly reliable. I use the local app and if you track where the bus actually is and use the bus regularly enough, you can adapt to the routine (I only say this because you might just hear that the bus system is terrible). The free shuttles from the commuter parking, I have heard, tend to be very packed, which has resulted in some of my classmates being late to seminars because many people are trying to get to campus. If you live far enough from campus, as a student or employee, you can get a discounted all-route bus pass ($15/mo.), which I have, and it has been great. I
  3. Hi friend! I think @Ciboney said pretty much everything (GREAT information). One thing that I would add is that if you're planning conference travel, this has to be factored in (along with the taxes, potential university fees, etc.). I only add it because if you're going to 1-2 conferences per academic year, if you're doing research, it can be an important financial factor to take into account regularly, since you'll have to set the money aside to be able to afford travel. Many universities offer reimbursement, though it might not always be 100%, and is usually paid back to you after you've al
  4. Executive House is nice. Someone in my program lives there, and I've visited a number of times. The living space is pretty large and well laid-out. The person that I know has a deluxe (larger) 1BR and he has a large couch, chair, large television and coffee table in one part, and his L-shaped desk and bookshelf in another. The kitchen space is enough room for a dining table. The kitchen in his unit is somewhat outdated, as is the bathroom. Old tiling, older cabinets, etc, but the appliances seem new and they work well. There is a balcony and sliding door which is also a bonus. The hallways can
  5. I found this when I was looking into Rutgers' stipend info last year: https://uhr.rutgers.edu/policies-resources/salary-schedules/aaup-aft-faculty-salary-schedules/full-time-ta-and-ga-starting It's a bit outdated, but my offer was something close to $26,000 before taxes with annual increase across four years. I had the academic year appointment which was 9 months, I believe. When I asked the current students they said that they were earning something around $2,500 per month after taxes.
  6. I looked a little bit on craigslist, but (at least in my experience) a lot of it was people looking to sublet. I know that the State College website has its own listing service with a lot of apartment info from around town. If you want, PM me and I'll see if there's anything that I've looked into that might fit what you're looking for! (Note: I worked in real estate and just went through a search for my next apartment in State College so all of the information is pretty fresh ) About the buses, if you live outside of a 3/4 mile radius from one of the downtown bus stops, then you can get
  7. A friend of mine is in this situation in her PhD, she took out a loan to cover some fees and then asked the department about applying for funding in the second year. Until then she is doing work outside of the degree program. It's totally doable, if that sheds a small bit of light on that scenario! Sending good thoughts your way.
  8. It's the free bus system that can carry you around campus and around Raleigh! Very convenient, sometimes very full, and there's a mobile app that they have which in my experience was pretty reliable.
  9. Agreed. The instructor on record will usually have a developed schedule of due dates and tasks for you. But for the most part, I did not hear from the students unless I contacted them first. My $0.02: I TA'd an online language learning course during my second year in my MA. My experience was mostly giving feedback to online submissions, including multiple choice, fill in the blank, and some open-ended writing. It was difficult at first to translate feedback language into an online setting (since you don't have body language, things like that), especially if you have to grade, because the
  10. I think that this is a good amount to be able to live with in Raleigh. For more info on saving, I would be sure to ask if your program pays your university fees for you. They were around $1,100 per semester and I was required to pay them myself when I was there. These fees are used to pay for facilities that you can use for free (and incentive to use those things) such as the gym, Wolfline, etc.
  11. Agreed with all of these. My favorites were Cup a Joe and Global Village - though to be honest Global can get kind of packed sometimes and they have limited seating for their popularity. They are busiest in the late morning (in my experience) but if I went in the afternoon, it was usually less crowded. The Cup a Joe in the Mission Valley shopping center was always less crowded for me as well. Sometimes, the Bruegger's Bagels on Hillsborough street can be good too. There is also one located in Mission Valley for an alternate location. If you don't mind walking a little bit, only a few min
  12. I heavily considered the current research and labs that were available within the department, as well as affiliated departments that would benefit my research. This meant doing a little digging into recent publications from researchers in the departments that I would be working with, looking at conferences in the field as well, since this is where the up-and-coming research from the department can be found. I also made sure that there would be more than one professor who had multiple research interests in common with me. In my MA there were only two that had research interests that aligned wit
  13. Congratulations on IUB! It's a gorgeous area and it really is affordable to live there. (And hello from the Spanish side of the Languages section!) My $0.02 on IUB is to be sure if you will be required to pay fees out of pocket. My offer last year required that I pay the ~$1,000. It might be a good point of negotiation if you are really interested in their program! And to everyone else - congratulations on admits, and if you are still waiting, hang in there! Sending good thoughts.
  14. I agree with all of these except Maluma, but only because I haven't listened enough to have a good opinion, but like, everything else is spot on for me
  15. Lots of good programs here! I did my MA in Hispanic Linguistics at NC State. And the program at Indiana is really great as well! And a quick word of encouragement for everyone - keep hanging in there! Sending good thoughts to everyone applying!
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