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  1. State College, PA

    Hi friends! My partner has decided to move to State College in the fall and I am sticking my feelers out there for any potential leads for jobs. I can talk more privately about his skills but essentially he has multiple years of experience in home repair and construction, primarily, among other things. He's also looking to enroll again in school so anything part time or with flexible hours as well. Maybe not the best place to look but I'm putting it out there just in case. If anyone has any info please let me know!
  2. State College, PA

    This is a lot of great info, thank you! Do you have any knowledge/comments on Lion's Gate or Vairo Village? I've also been in contact with some people from ARPM but I see that they have a lot of not so hot reviews online.
  3. Slowly freaking out

    First, congratulations on two offers! This is definitely an exciting time. While I don't personally have any experience with either of these cities in particular, I have visited schools that are vastly different from where I am used to in terms of diversity and pace/style of living. I'm also from New York so I totally understand how different it can be going practically anywhere else. I think my first question is for UMiami, do they offer any other funding to you in terms of research grants, summer opportunities, or things like that? It might ease the housing situation a little bit. Have you talked to students at UMiami? They might have some insight on the living situation or how they make ends meet, other sources of funding, or things like that. When I made my choice, it was pretty similar. A lot of money, or the community. When I visited the program where I would be well-funded, I didn't feel comfortable there. Definitely out of place for a lot of reasons. When I visited the school that had a greater sense of community, there were more opportunities for everyone to create a feeling of "home". I ended up choosing the community feeling over the money because I couldn't imagine living in a place for 4-5 years where I didn't feel comfortable, regardless of the money that the program offered. That's just my personal experience. Of course, I am definitely not the best authority on this, but your situation sounds very similar. Wherever a person feels the most comfortable (in the environment as a whole) is the place that I think they will thrive best. Best of luck with your decision!
  4. Spanish Fall 2017

    I've been following the Linguistics threads closely, it looks like across the board things are very competitive for them this year. We have a great group of scholars here, I think!
  5. Spanish Fall 2017

    Yay! Is it where we talked about??? If so that's super exciting! It sounds like you are super excited so that's awesome! Something to celebrate for sure, congratulations!
  6. Spanish Fall 2017

    I agree with @Yak1030 100%. I also want to add, this was kind of a "mini flag" for me when you said that UVA never responded - One of the best slices of advice that I was given was to "go to the place where they seem most excited about talking to you." The schools who make you feel like you should be lucky to be communicating with them may not necessarily be the schools you want to attend. Also, if you are certain that you won't attend either of these programs, then you can just let them know to withdraw your application. I'm sure that you know this, but that can help you in moving closer toward your official acceptance without waiting on other institutions!
  7. Spanish Fall 2017

    Nice, congratulations!! That's awesome! Now I know who to collaborate with in Iowa. That has to be so exciting! Celebrate this!!!
  8. Spanish Fall 2017

    I can talk to you in depth about Rutgers privately if you want!
  9. Spanish Fall 2017

    Hey guys! So good news - I accepted an offer of admission to Penn State (!) the other day. Does anyone have any other news to report? I hope that everyone is hanging in there!! I'm sure that you will be hearing from some of these programs very soon!
  10. Spanish Fall 2017

    Oh weird, well that's definitely something interesting to note. I've heard that's it's a super program so it must be really competitive. I applied to 6 places, and if I had to rank Austin I'd probably put it at a #6 of the places that I wanted to go. It's a good program, we just weren't a good fit. Also, just got another rejection from Berkeley. A bit surprised at it but it's fine. They have one Spanish linguist so it would have been hard to work there anyway. I imagine they accept mostly literature students with that information.
  11. Spanish Fall 2017

    I know that Rutgers has made their "definitely no" decisions already, so if you haven't heard from them that's good news! Also heard from UT Austin last night. Generic email to check MyStatus, and the decision says 'denied,' which I think is interesting. Not upset though. Has anyone heard anything new?
  12. When a professor says you sound more interested in another program...

    That's the plan - and it's 100% the truth. I mean there was definitely a "we support whatever decision you make" tone but at the same time the implication was just, yeah, disconcerting. Thank you for the input.
  13. Hi everyone! So I'm in a weird situation here. I have two offers from my top two choice schools, and just finished an interview/recruitment event with one of the schools, Program A, we'll say. I visited, talked with faculty, current students, etc. It was a lot of information in a short period of time, a lot of very intense things to learn about and experience. I think that I gave an awful impression of myself and my interest in Program A because I personally felt like I wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would, but I think that's because it was just so much to take in that I wasn't exhibiting a super excited attitude 100% of the time. I just received an email from my POI at Program A saying that it sounded like, when I talked, I gave the impression that I was more interested in Program B from which I have an offer. It says that the decision is supported either way, whichever I choose, but to let them know if that's the case, that I'll decline the offer they've given me at Program A. The thing is, when I was there, I felt a lot of questions were thrown at me regarding "why Program B over A?" And various people asked if I had other visits or offers, and this was my first visit, but I do have a visit coming up with Program B. I don't want to lie, but I didn't realize that my feel for the school came off so negatively. I'm just a harsh critic, I guess...Maybe a lot of how I acted was comparing or thinking of questions to ask at Program B, but they are extremely similar in a lot of ways. I just felt like a lot of questions were meant to dissuade me from Program A, and now this email from the POI is distressing because I feel like they think I don't want to go there. I do, but I really, honestly, have no clue until I visit both places and get a feel for both. In gradcafe users' experience, am I interpreting this totally wrong? I'm just distressed about it because I felt like I gave them the wrong impression the whole time I was there, but every time we had a conversation they always steered it toward Program B and comparing the two. I really do love both places, and I could see myself at them, so I have no idea what to do... Thanks!
  14. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    night watch
  15. State College, PA

    Hi everyone! I will be visiting Penn State later this month, and I will have some free time before/after the official program itinerary. Does anyone have any recommendations for places that I should definitely check out? I am a fan of local favorite restaurants, caf├ęs, bookstores, local biz, the like. Also, if anyone has any tips about housing, I would love to hear them. Thanks!