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  1. Thanks to both, and congratulations on your acceptance to Cornell!
  2. I have been accepted and told I unofficially have a TA position lined up from my POI at Rutgers in the PhD program for Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. I have not heard anything else for funding or how much to expect per month. Is there a ballpark number I can at least expect per month? I'm trying to get an idea of what I can work with but I can't find any information on that program specifically (it's new --> 2014 start)
  3. Bumping this. Accepted to Rutgers and I've never lived anywhere but Texas. What I'm concerned with: 1. Finding a roommate as a PhD student- I don't think cohabitating with an undergraduate would be wise for my sanity. 2. Grocery stores- Living in Texas I have access to baller produce on every corner and I've heard things like HEB (Texas mecca of grocery stores), Central Market, or even Whole foods are hard to come by. I do all of my own cooking and meal prep for the entire week in one day, so a good store is imperative for me. 3. Dog-friendliness within the city- I live in Austin where dogs are fine in a lot of places like bars and coffee shops. Is that the same here? 4. Nearby areas to live that aren't in New Bruinswick- what's safe and not? What's feasible to commute and not? Is the bus/transport system decent? I've heard it's not quite bike-friendly.
  4. They notified me by e-mail. They said to check back in if nothing happens by the 15th of March
  5. Thank you for this post. I am over 2 weeks on a waitlist (the closest I've ever been to getting accepted anywhere) and I am just counting seconds in the day while I'm at work. This is my second time applying to PhD programs in the last 3 years and they said it could be until the middle of March before they send out an update. The waitlist is a killer for me because it is limbo- is it a yes or no? Where I am on the list? Who is better than me and what am I really up against? How many spots are there?
  6. Thank you for just saying it's ok to not be patient, to worry all day, and have a place to put it. This is my second time applying for programs over a 3 year year window. I have 2 rejects, 1 waitlist, and 2 still no response. I am FREAKING OUT! I want this so so so badly.
  7. Has anyone who interviewed for this program for Fall 2018 heard anything back or waitlisted? I'm still "Under review", but I saw people were posting they got interview offers back in December 2017
  8. This is a good idea, I will see what they think. I have had 0 interviews, just rejection (minus the one waitlist right now). I will likely investigate other schools if I try again next year. The only school I applied to this time that was the same as the first time was UT Austin
  9. Unless there's something better to gain, I would take the program with the funding. Student debt is outrageous.
  10. So, here's the scoop: In 2016 I applied to PhD programs in some schools that were way out of my league and was rejected from all of them. I finished my MS in 2016 with a 4.0 GPA and 0 publications. I have been working as a lab technician and was just recently promoted to a scientist (Entomology, not the field I got my degrees in which is Biology and Microbiology). I have a 3.2 GPA for undergrad and work/research experience. I have applied to UT (Microbiology, rejected), UCSD (Biomedical sciences, no answer yet), Rice (Biochemistry and Cell Biology, waitlisted), Rutgers (Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (POI does microbiome work), no answer), and UC Denver (Immunology, rejected). My GRE could be a little better, but other than that I don't know what else I could possibly do to make myself a better applicant. I reach out to POIs (not all answer, which is expected), and have my SPs read over several times. What else can I possibly do if this second time through doesn't go well? I'm kind of on the verge of just giving up this dream.
  11. Thanks for the help! Likewise with your PhD adventure
  12. The application deadline was December 31st.
  13. Hi all, My second time applying for PhD programs after finishing my MS in 2016. I was waitlisted for Rice Fall 2018 in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. This is the closest I've ever been to getting into a program, and I have yet to hear back from 3 other schools (University of Texas at Austin, Rutgers, and UCSD). I know the schools can vary, but what is the likelihood of getting in off that waitlist?
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