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  1. First result: rejected at Emory U for Interdisciplinary Hispanic Studies PhD. A bit surprised, given my credentials, but relieved because I did not want to live in Atlanta and I was not entirely convinced the program was a good fit for me compared to others. Actually, it was in the bottom of my list after I applied to all the programs. Rejected by email on January 18.
  2. Ciboney

    best US cities without a car

    It is the same as the summer. The only trouble --and that was major!-- was during the historic winter with absurd accumulation of snow. The metro and the system in general is most probably the best in the US, but perhaps a bit poorer that most western European areas. People use the bike a lot here too, even in the winter.
  3. Ciboney

    Fall 2019 Developmental Psychology Thread

  4. I was just checking that. The website for Emory's off-campus lists very expensive housing for a grad student. Emory lacks graduate housing. The area seems to be quite expensive, upper middle-class. And if a person wants to live alone ... The distance between offerings (available) and the campus was not good and it seems to call for a car for groceries and some basic shopping. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ Northwestern's Weinberg College is now offering 32,000 graduate stipend to admitted students. 😳
  5. Ciboney

    Fall 2019 Applicants

    Nah... not yet. In most cases there will be no decision communicated until February. From what I know, there is a slight chance of positive decisions the very last days of January. That is for Spanish or Hispanic Studies. So, until then, I do not pay much attention to electronic mail. By the 28th of this month, I will start checking email several times per day. Until then try to think of other things. We still have a few weeks before news arrive. Try the local pub; that helps sometimes. ☺️
  6. Ciboney

    2019 Applicants

    πŸ™‚ Let them know that I opened a forum for Spanish/Hispanic Studies as well. πŸ˜‰
  7. Ciboney

    2019 Applicants

    We have in common Emory, Maryland, Northwestern, and Wisconsin. They have interviews in literature in English?! It is not standard for literature in Spanish programs, but I have found that some might do it, like Maryland-College Park.
  8. Ciboney

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    The insanely absurd housing/living costs for graduate students at UC-Berkeley was the reason why I did not apply to their program in my field. I just posted recently a comment about some universities' lack of on-campus housing for their graduate students. For some of us, that is a major element of the equation to apply and/or to accept an offer of admission. Apparently this does not cross the minds of decision-makers involved in graduate students' recruitment or of faculty and administrators dwelling on the prestige of their program or their graduate schools. They lose excellent applicants as a result of this. Instead of sending the application, I went to a pub and drank the money for the application fee. 🍻
  9. Ciboney

    List of Humanities PhD Programs that DO NOT require GRE

    All of the programs that I applied to are considered to be excellent (except one, that is new) and I chose them in part because they did not require GRE. One, Michigan, especifically states that "We have not found it helpful in our admissions decisions and no longer use it."
  10. Ciboney

    Critical Language Scholarship Summer 2019 Applicants

    Stressed out, but way better than about a week ago. Now I am checking "logistics" in all the institutions that I applied to, like housing for graduate students and living expenses in the different places. There is a significant difference among programs! One should not be worrying about how to pay basic bills in the middle of demanding graduate programs; it will affect the quality of one's work and one's health as well. Two of the places I applied to, and probably at the top of my list academically, have decent housing options. They have just gained extra points in the game. Why is it that some universities do not have graduate housing on campus or nearby, yet they state that they are proud of the quality of their programs and their commitment to graduate stuides? They have off-campus "services" instead. And the rents in some places are as bad as Boston's or San Francisco! oh, but yeah... I am less stressed out now... πŸ˜‰
  11. Information for applicants: beware of funding packages for graduate students in many programs. I just found out that "full tuition" as part of the "full funding" (normally with health insurance) does NOT include "university feees" or "students' fees". The "fully funded" students are responsible for those. Student fees can amount to US$2,000-3,000 PER SEMESTER in some institutions that I have applied to. Take THAT into consideration. Thank God --so to speak-- that one program was very clear about that important issue in their information in the Internet!
  12. Ciboney

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    You are surrounded by a lot of people with serious problems of communication. Students should explain in private their inability to meet deadlines. Those professors are disorganized and unprofessional as well. Be patient since there is little you can do under those circumstances. I would advise those students to be more responsible and, for the future, I would include in the syllabus the consequences for not handing work as scheduled in the course syllabus or that they MUST talk to you in private about any problems they might have surrounding the work they have to do.
  13. Zsayre... Are you in linguistics or literature? That is important too. Sometimes a program admits in one of the two areas more than in the other, from what I have seen since I started researching this. I am in literature; that is why I am not particularly hopeful regarding a couple of places. ALSO: So that you can apply to others (but you better hurry!) Check for fee waivers in SOME graduate schools like this one: " To qualify for this waiver, we expect you to fit the U.S Department of Education definition of β€œlow income." Click here to view federal levels. International applicants are eligible for this fee waive". This one is from Emory University, although their deadline for Hispanic Studies is past due. But others might have that for international students too. Usually non-US citizens are not eligible.
  14. I will let you know when I hear from them since I intend to keep the "conversation" open until April or so. It can go either way. Don't get disappointed if you do not make it to Michigan! The candidates are very competitive and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in general is among the top 15 in the world according to those ridiculous 6 or 7 rankings that are around. And decisions are quite subjective and based on many factors, not just grades or writing samples, etc.
  15. It means that, since that program is currently not accredited, the program is either new or not a good program or both. Unless you know for sure that the graduates have found employment in the field, regardless, you should apply to other programs with more secure placement prospects. That is how I see it, based on a relatively long life in academic circles.

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