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  1. I thought that person's first post was about the Michigan acceptance. If they are not a troll then it's even more sad.
  2. Called the department today. Will be sending out acceptances tomorrow or early next week.
  3. Called Cornell today and was told to expect results to be released toward the end of the month. might be sooner.
  4. Congrats! Mind you share the time you received the email? Trying to figure out whether they sent them on batch so I can just move on. Thanks in advance!
  5. Understandable. Good luck with the rest of your applications!
  6. There is a 99.99999999999999% chance that the report is fake. 148/153 is way too low for polisci PhD programs, let alone a top-25 one.
  7. Do not panic. One of the admits reported 148/154 GRE scores...highly likely to be troll work. There is other evidence too. Plus it is unlikely that no one has yet claimed those acceptances.
  8. Anxiously scrolling over old threads from past cycles. Gotta say this week has been a lot quieter than last year.
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