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  1. I'm not sure the mexican food will be the same (I tried some while I was there), but a girl can dream! I'm currently having a hard time finding an affordable place to rent that has all of the amenities I'm looking for, so I can imagine that it will be a bit pricey. It is kind of crazy how expensive the rents are for such a small place!
  2. I am from a city that is bigger than State College, but it is still nothing like NYC or what I consider "real" big cities. I think it will be interesting to figure out where I will grocery shop now, what restaurants I like (I'm a vegetarian), etc. I am in a huge city in terms of land and everything is really spread out and there are a lot of different neighborhoods. Although I don't think we are a top culinary destination, we do have a TON of restaurants all over the place, which I will miss. I will also miss "mexican" food or the Florida equivalent anyway! Penn State had a ton of excelle
  3. Hi, Mark! What department are you joining? I'll be joining the BBH department. I considered joining a program in Minnesota, so I guess compared to that it's not so cold! We moved to Florida when I was a kid, so it will definitely take some getting used to. I've quickly discovered that a lot of houses don't have central AC, which was a surprise. I am guessing I'm probably just in for a lot of little surprises due to the change in environment! Where will you be moving from?
  4. Hello, I would like to kick off the PSU thread for 2018! Threads from previous years seem to be good sources of info for housing and other information about State College. My fiance and I will be moving to State College from Florida this coming fall, and, personally, I would love to hear some thoughts on moving to a cold climate, living in State College, and just generally meet some other (future) grad students! Looking forward to meeting some of you!
  5. Typically, I address them the same way they signed the email. If they always put "Dr." or just their initials, I will keep up with the formality. (I'm not sure about whether just initials is the least formal, but it seems confusing to me.)
  6. I think that schools usually follow up with an email if they can't get you on the phone. It is unlikely that they would leave no voicemail and also not try to contact you some other way... Personally, I would try to be patient.
  7. OMG... I clicked the link it is was so painful to read through all of that! I think that it is important to get creative with the essays just to stand out a bit, but fortunately/unfortunately creative writing isn't really part of STEM training. But, in a highly competitive application process, any extra skills really seem to help! *shrugs*
  8. Same, feel free to message me! I think I'll be having skype interviews next week or the week after.
  9. I also was invited to interview at UNCC, but couldn't make the date. I've ended up setting up skype interviews instead. I would be interested to know how you end up liking it once you visit!
  10. Did they happen to tell you when they will be done? Their website said people should be notified by late Dec./early Jan.... unless they're sending them in waves to see who responds and then filling the spots with backups?
  11. I just received an interview invite from Pittsburgh's Biological and Health Psychology program, in case anyone applied to them!
  12. Not sure if it is any help, but I received an interview invite for Bio/Health Psych track at Pittsburgh. My POIs are PG and AM.
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