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  1. Anyone heard from UMich? I've been assuming rejection for the past few weeks but still haven't seen anyone posting about acceptances or rejections.
  2. I haven't heard anything about acceptances or rejections on the results page, and there hasn't been an update on the Wolverine Access page. I'm assuming rejection (guessing accepted students just haven't posted on the results page).
  3. So agonizing waiting for decisions, especially for small programs that accept so few people, where it's entirely possible acceptances have already happened but none of them have been posted on gradcafe
  4. There's one entry in the results search of someone who heard from their POI about admittance to the CPEP program via phone call on January 10.
  5. I know UMich's social program is a longshot but am still lowkey crossing my fingers waiting for an email...it seems like around this time last year was when acceptances started getting sent out.
  6. I know that in past years University of Michigan (social area) decisions weren't sent out until mid January at the earliest, but has anyone heard anything from UMich? No one's posted on the results page, but I'm getting antsy and thought I'd ask if anyone has any info/has heard from POIs.
  7. I've seen a few people in other threads asking people who posted to the results page to DM their POI. I thought a thread of these requests might be useful, as those requests in other threads may get buried and end up unseen (I also saw a thread of this kind from a previous year). Hopefully this will be helpful as interview invitations continue to roll out!
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