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  1. If anyone is interested in a data analyst position, please pm! It just opened up at massachusetts general hospital
  2. I got 9 interviews with those exact scores (a 5 on AW). Don't waste your time and $$
  3. I think the point in this thread is that its really up to you to assess how ready you feel for graduate level work. I got into grad school the first time at 23, and am now 27 and will be attending this fall (much like other posters in this thread). I applied to masters programs once with several acceptances, and applied to PhD programs twice (first time no luck, second time with 5 acceptances at top 50 R1 universities). I'd hazard a guess that the second round was successful because I was prepared and knew exactly what I wanted out of my education and time in a program. The first time, I mainl
  4. It sounds like research is something that's very important to you in your graduate training - if this is the case, I would not attend universities that are not regarded as R1 institutions
  5. I think it of course depends on the nature of the masters program (1 year or 2) but when I completed my 1 year I had 2-3 classes max in a day and I actually usually had a class to attend every day of the week. I also had data collection/research so I was in the lab all day otherwise. It was well beyond a typical "9-5" but again this is specific to the program you choose and what you're hoping to accomplish!
  6. I accepted an offer at a program and will be releasing offers at Penn State U, U of Arizona, and U of Utah all in clinical psych. I will also remove myself off of the high alternate list at Temple and U of Florida. Good luck guys, wishing you all that last sprint of energy and faith!!
  7. I did this for a while with a side job while I figured out what I wanted to do. In my case, I had a really weak undergraduate GPA and no independent research so I did a one year masters with that exact purpose at a very research productive uni. Id say don't settle. This will be several years of your life...when you're stuck in the middle of the proverbial PhD tunnel and its too late to turn back, but you can't quite see your way out yet, these feelings will be amplified exponentially.
  8. what are people referring to regarding rank? U.S News ranking? EPPP pass rates? etc
  9. - I wrote about my dying grandmother (albeit 3-4 sentences, certainly not two pages) in my personal statement, and got 9 interviews at R1 PhD programs in clinical psychology. I also have a garbage GPA and GRE. Write about what feels organic and authentic to your personal narrative, even if it feels cliche. - Seek out excellent letters of recommendation, as opposed to simply "good" ones. I sincerely underestimated how important this was until I identified writers that could speak to my character, research productivity, and integrity as someone to work with. This was something that was bro
  10. thanks Clinapp - I unfortunately have not. Its been pretty quiet on the part of one particular school which is holding me up in my decision making process, but I otherwise feel like I'll be able to make a more informed decision once I know all my options. At this time, I have to release one outstanding acceptance, based on the guidelines of only keeping 2 at a time. It has proven to be a more uncomfortable exchange than I imagined...I feel awkwardly guilty, though I know this will open opportunity for other students that feel more passionate about the program, which is a relief.
  11. hey folks - how did you word your email rejecting other offers of acceptance? Would highly appreciate the help! Feel like Im writing a novel for something that can otherwise be said succinctly and respectfully
  12. From what I've seen here over the last few weeks, I am noticing I am amongst some folks who are feeling fairly conflicted about making a decision about their future. Time is ticking and I don't feel any closer to being ready with a decision, as I am in a holding pattern of sorts. I'm wondering what pieces of information beyond your global thoughts on a program guided your decision to accept an offer - how much did the brand of a program drive your choice? Are there any red flags to consider, post interview regarding POI productivity and commitment? When following up with POI post
  13. I really think this is worth reiterating, regardless of the nature of the program (neuro, cog, clinical, dev etc). Ive heard many success stories of people holding off for one more year and really hammering in their efforts to attain their top choices. I also cant imagine committing to a program where I felt really unsure of fit, because I think that the gusto and passion you feel for the subject matter is what keeps your head above water when you're in the trenches around the 2nd and 3rd year. On the other hand, I can understand how this decision may be hard if it's beyond your second time ap
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