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  1. So I just found out I didn't get into my first choice. Ouch. I'm extremely undecided about whether I should attend my second choice. The schools in a nice area, the programs fully funded, and I really clicked with the personality of my POI. However, our research interest match is only so-so. I like what they do, but I don't know if I love what they do. This person has never had a grad student before, and therefor I'm not sure what to expect in terms of mentorship. The really risky part though is that I found out on my interview from another source that this persons husband is applying for jobs out of state, and she may not be here that much longer. I'm not sure what would happen to me if my advisor left while I was in the middle of the PhD program. I'm really torn about whether I should attend this program, or whether I should just take the year off and reapply another cycle. I won't list names of schools or anything because that would be weird.
  2. Update on interviews: NC State University (Human Factors & Applied Cognition): Accepted Lehigh University (Cognition & Language): Accepted Still waiting to hear from Utah.
  3. I only applied to a few programs because of money issues, but I did apply to a few cognitive programs. University of Utah: Cognition and Neural Science PhD Lehigh University: Cognition and Language PhD I'm interviewing at Utah this weekend, and Lehigh the next.
  4. School name: Lehigh University Date interview invite received: Jan 23rd, 2018 Degree: PhD Type: Cognition and Language Notified via: Email Interview date: February 16th 2018 I only applied to 4 PhD programs this cycle due to super brokeness, and I've gotten 3 interview invites with reimbursements. I'm feeling pretty lucky. It's also very fortunate that all 3 interviews are on different weekend dates.
  5. School Name: University of UtahDate Interview Invite Received: January 8, 2018Degree: Ph.DType: Cognition and Neural ScienceNotified via: EmailFrom: Graduate departmentInterview Date: February 9, 2018 Additional Info: I had an informal Skype interview with POI prior to submitting my application. I've been invited to attend a dinner, a department party, and a diversity breakfast with full reimbursement
  6. @cindyboop I had 2 informal skype interviews and 1 informal phone interview prior to me submitting my application materials (I reached out to POI's personally, and a few of them were interested enough in my CV and research interests to set these up with me sans application). The interviews were not awkward at all! I was nervous, but after a minute, you realize you're just having a conversation about the things you're both interested in. A couple pieces of advice for skype interviews: 1.) Make sure you test Skype beforehand to make sure audio/video is up to speed (also make sure there's no dirty laundry laying around, and lighting is decent) 2.) Dress like you're going to a real interview (this is also to help you feel like you're in the mental interview mode) 3.) Think of a few things you want to say about yourself beforehand, especially regarding your research interests 4.) Think of some good questions to ask them beforehand! This is a really important part of the interview process.
  7. I just got an interview invite today! I was told in the email that I've been "recommended for admission", but that the final decision will be made on interview day. School: North Carolina State University Program: Human Factors and Applied Cognitive Psychology (Ph.D) Interview Type: In Person Date: February 3rd
  8. I'm still in the process of applying, so take my opinion with a grain of salt, but is contacting POI important? Yes. My thesis adviser (and director of the PhD program at my school) told me that emailing POI's makes you stand out of the crowd, and that the 2 applications sitting on his desk were from students who emailed him. I started with 13 schools on my application list. I've dwindled it down to 8 because of my contact with POI's. I've found out from some of them that they don't have the funding to accept any new students, or that there's not a mentor model at that particular school (something I'm not a fan of, and wasn't listed on their website). In one email, the professors reply back was dripping with so much pompous and condescending narcissism that even though I loved his research I knew our personalities would not be a good match. Additionally, by contacting POI's through email, I've had the chance to talk with some of them over the phone, and through Skype. The ability to converse with them gave me a really good idea of what they were like as people, and it brought one school (that was previously not super high on my radar) to the top of the list. All that to say, regardless of whether it actually helps your chances of getting in (and I'm pretty sure it does help you stand out), it helps YOU determine which schools you want to invest your time/money/energy in applying to. Best of luck!
  9. Thanks for the support everyone! I think I'm going to take the advice, and go for it. I'll have to make sure my personal statement is damn good. Can I just say, that I know there's the phrase "cracking the GRE" but anyone else ever feel like the GRE started to crack them? Here's to hoping I never have to take that blasted thing again!
  10. I just took the GRE this morning, and I only got a 150 (Q) and 157 (V). I know these are less than amazing scores, and I don't have enough time to realistically re-take the exam with a meaningful difference and make this application cycle. GPA: 3.7 Major GPA: 3.9 2 years of research experience in multiple labs Conducting an independent project 2 very strong LOR, 1 decent LOR I planned on applying to Ph.D programs at: Colorado State University Portland State University University of North Carolina Clemson University University of Georgia Wayne State University I'm feeling quite hopeless right now, and like I don't have a chance in heck. I had already planned on applying to some masters programs to be on the safe side, but now I'm not even sure if I'm competitive enough for those...
  11. Hey everyone! Thought I'd hop on this thread while the going gets hot. I'll be applying this cycle to about 9 or 10 Industrial/Organizational Ph.D programs, 2 Human Factors Ph.D programs, and a few general masters programs "just in case." My biggest concern by far is the GRE. I take it this Friday (it got postponed from its original date due to hurricane Irma), and while my verbal keeps going up and up on practice tests, my quant stays relatively the same. Cumulative GPA: 3.7 Major GPA: 3.9 Professional Experience: 2 years as a quality assurance analyst 1 year as a business analyst Research Experience: RA for 2 years in 2 different human factors labs Was scheduling/project manager for 2 semesters on a major study funded by the Office of Naval Research Scholar in a competitive two year research program with my university Conducting an independent research study Presenting research in a "talk" at a local conference in November Research peer mentor for incoming undergraduate students I wish I had more poster presentations and such, but just as I was getting ready to present at conferences last spring my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and I had to take the semester off. I'll have to explain that gap away in my personal statement without getting too emotional.
  12. Dang. This puts me in a tough spot, but I appreciate the advice. The first LOR I'm getting is from the PhD candidate's advisor, so that's a no go. I have 3 other options: 1.) There was someone who used to be a graduate student I could ask. I worked under her as a scheduling manager for a longitudinal study she was coordinating. She's since graduated with her PhD, and works in the industry. However, I've been advised to be wary of asking this person. She's known for having something of a character flaw, and gets easily jealous of others success, and may try to sabotage me. 2.) There's a professor who's class I took and I did well in, which doesn't sound very exciting, but I did know her outside of class, and while conversing she would speak highly of me. There's not a lot she could say other than I did well in her class and she likes my approach/work ethic, but I guess it might be slightly better than a completely "she did well in my class" letter. Not by much, but maybe. 3.) There was another person who was the coordinator of my research program with the university, but she was also a graduate student, so I guess that's out the window.
  13. I'm applying to PhD programs in Industrial Organizational psychology, and a few in Human Factors psychology. I have two professors in the Human Factors department of my university who have agreed to write me strong letters of recommendation. As for my third letter, I would like to ask my graduate mentor, as I've been working with her the last few years, and she's directly overseeing my honors thesis project. The only thing her and I are worried about is that she's still a PhD candidate. She's in her fifth year, and will likely have her PhD just as the deadlines for applications are closing. Will this likely put a dent in my application? I've gotten a lot of strong, opposing opinions on this.
  14. Thank you for the advice! I think based on the information I've been given here and elsewhere, I'm going to do some serious looking into I/O psych and organizational behavior graduate programs. As awkward as it is to change your mind just as application season is about to start, it could have been a lot more awkward applying to programs based on faulty reasoning
  15. Thank you so much @eternallyephemeral for your thoughtful and informative reply! You gave me the insight and perspective I was scouring the internet trying to find.
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