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  1. I may be moving to East Lansing in the fall and wondered if there is any current advice on good/affordable housing options in East Lansing and any other opinions on the city as a whole?
  2. I haven't heard anything! I also didn't receive an interview so I'm not expecting much. Looking at the results section, there has been at least one acceptance in the cognitive science area. Did you have an interview there?
  3. So far I've received rejections from UCSC, Washington State, and Boston College. Starting to get a little worried since all the other schools have been quiet too.
  4. Is anyone else here waiting to hear back from cognitive programs? I applied to: Stony brook, Notre Dame, UNC Greensboro, Kent State, Iowa State, Colorado State, Washington State, U of Louisville, Boston College and UC Santa Cruz and have not heard anything.
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