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  1. That's exciting news, I'm sure you'll get in somewhere this cycle. Good luck! Also, if you don't mind would you PM me you POI in OU
  2. one of my PIs said they ll be scheduling interviews in early January. Crossing my fingers to hear back that soon!!
  3. I agree. Waiting and anxiety about the outcomes are the worst. I'm busying myself worrying if I misspelled something on my SOP or if my scores and transcripts made their way to the designated departments! I can use some advise on how to better occupy my time
  4. That's a diverse and great selection of schools you got there Daisy! I applied to MSU, Wayne State, Penn State, uni Ottawa, BGSU, and Ohio Uni About time to be possessed by a mixture of anxiety and worries about not making it!
  5. Most programs said they don't require official transcript until recommended for admission. But still, we re too anxious to take a risk of having an incomplete application just because an official transcript is missing! I chose not to trust their words and request official transcripts. And I ended up with the same issue of not showing up on my checklist! This is becoming too much!
  6. Good luck to you too! Some of us are already in the waiting anxiety phase! lol
  7. You should be both proud and confident your resume will get you somewhere :)...What are some schools you applied/applying to?
  8. I was wondering how negatively it would impact one's application if they applied to two different programs at the same school. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi everyone, With the application dates edging closer I'm getting more nervous about my application. For an applicant with an undergraduate degree in a different field and only a year of research experience I believe that my SOP will be critical for my application. I have worked on several drafts and have reached to a point I honestly want to get it over with and call it a final draft. If you think you can help reviewing my statement and providing feedback I would be grateful. Let me know so I can PM it to you. Thank you
  10. Most PhD programs, if not all, have a terminal MA degree and they admit only those students seeking to pursue a PhD. Usually psyc students apply straight after earning their undergraduate degree to these programs. However, some schools offer MA and MS degrees separately. This would be an opportunity for non psyc students to enrich their foundation prior to competing with students from the field. Your choice of schools seems to not be based on geographical preference which is a good sign. Just make sure you feel that the program you are applying for matches your interests and it wouldn't h
  11. I came across a blog that I think is useful for anyone considering applying to I/O programs. It also has a link to rankings of different programs and an explanation of what different ranking systems are based on along with several tips and guides for applicants. Check it out at http://neoacademic.com/io-grad-school-series/
  12. I believe you are in a good shape. Your research experience seems to be focused and identified, hopefully you'd be able to align that with POI from schools you plan to apply at. I would only advise you to take the GRE sooner so you would have a chance to retake it before the application deadline. Best of luck!
  13. I had a similar long list of 12 schools but I decided to trim it according to geographical preferences and my confidence in being a competent applicant. So far I'm considering BGSU, Ohio U, Michigan State, and uOttawa. I might need to add more to the list to improve my chances of getting admitted this round (fingers crossed!)
  14. I wish you all the luck in the world. It's mentally and financially exhausting to take the test several times. Especially when schools don't mention a cut off score so you end up doubting if your score is good enough! Did you settle on which programs/schools you're applying for?
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