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  1. Is it bad if you haven't gotten one of these emails? I applied for SSHRC at 5 different schools and haven't received a single email about a change in the status of my application.
  2. I thought that the CGS committees at each school will only consider the students who have received acceptances. Does anyone know if this true? Or can you receive a CGS at a school that rejected you?
  3. I believe that all schools have contacted their shortlisted applicants for interviews or to offer admission!
  4. Oh, interesting! When I spoke with one of the profs in the fall she told me that they had already picked the open house date and it was on February 9th. However, it's very possible that they learned other open houses were being held that day and decided to move it! I think either way they will probably contact people for interviews this week but I guess we'll see! Fingers crossed for sure- good luck!
  5. I got an invitation to the open houses at Calgary and Western which happen to be on the same day (Feb 9th). I heard from Western today and Calgary two weeks ago. I was told by a prof at Guelph that there open house is also on Feb 9th, however I have not received an email from them.
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