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  1. To the person that got into Clemson's I/O Psych program, I would love to chat with you! Please message me!
  2. If you're talking about the MPS at University of Maryland, I interviewed for it end of February and was accepted mid-March. I remember the director saying it would take up a month to make a decision, but you can reach out to her if you needed her to expedite it for your decisions. I was transferred from the PhD program. Good luck!
  3. Did anyone go to Baruch's finalist weekend?
  4. Can the person that posted about Clemson's waitlist message me? I'm also waitlisted, and want to analyze our odds of getting in! Looks like the people accepted don't use grad cafe
  5. If you heard from Clemson, please let me know!
  6. Does anyone have any thoughts about Clemson?
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