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  1. Since it seems this thread has died down I just want to thank everyone for all the help/support/discussions! Best of luck on this long grind.
  2. If you want to see where La. Tech ranks here are some links. Don't take these for gospel though http://www.siop.org/tip/backissues/tipapr02/02gibby.aspx http://neoacademic.com/2014/09/17/sortable-io-psychology-ph-d-program-rankings/ http://my.siop.org/tip/jan18/editor/ArtMID/13745/ArticleID/332/The-Results-Are-In-Updated-Alternative-I-O-Graduate-Program-Rankings If you don't want to do academic work then rankings probably don't matter as much.
  3. You can but you will probably piss off the other school and possibly cost a student a spot in that school.
  4. I formally accepted the offer at Central Michigan University!
  5. Do you plan on staying in that area long term after finishing your PHD?
  6. Well if you did get into lower tier programs then I don't think you are that far way from getting into better schools. Slight improvement in GRE scores, maybe one poster presentations or even improving your personal statement can push you a bit. Wish you the best of luck!
  7. I apply to I/O programs and got accepted as well. I suggest you try again next year unless there is a reason you need to leave your home right away.
  8. Yea I think sadly those are rejections :/. I have a couple of schools for that too. But I feel if you really want to go to your top school then wait until the last possible moment. You owe it to yourself to see what happens.
  9. I have so far gotten off 2 waitlists and possibly a 3rd but that looks unlikely. So it is possible!
  10. I did think about this too. At one school I was more of a priority waitlist and at two others I was towards the middle of the list. It does sting the pride a bit not being the top choice but a good offer is a good offer at the end of the day.
  11. I have a similar feeling but more towards the students I talk to in both programs. But I think it's good to remember this decision is what is best for you so don't feel bad about it. I think everybody understands the process does not always work out for you.
  12. I am in a similar boat. Do you only have 1 outstanding offer? I think you just have to look out for you first and wait as long as you can.
  13. I have just been accepted off the waitlist at Central Michigan. While it's exciting it also gives me more decision which can be stressful. I do know how privilege of a spot I am in.
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