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  1. Saman

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    The person who posted an acceptance for Wright’s state university in results section can please DM me if you plan to attend the program? I’ve been placed on the waitlist and this is my top choice. If possible, please let me know. Thanks
  2. Saman

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Hey, I applied to FIU, however my application got delayed a little bit due to some missing documents. Have sent them two emails to check the status of my application but no response. Have you heard from them? Hope this helps.
  3. Saman

    Applications - Research Proposal

    Hi Dr. Bubbles, I think we both are in the same boat. I, too, will be submitting a research proposal as a part of my application for the doctorate in IO psych, and this is mandatory. Although this is the only school in my pool of shortlisted schools that requires a research proposal for admission into the program. This school requires a one-page summary of the research you would like to conduct as a part of your doctoral studies, you may include one extra page for references though if you like but you can't exceed this limit. This was very tough for me to summarize everything in one page but I tried my best to convey my idea as clear and concise as I could.
  4. Saman

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    How about University of Calgary (Canada)? I believe it is also a hardcore IO program given their high emphasis on statistics and research methods.
  5. Saman

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Thanks I will keep that in mind. Probably will take it at the end of October, it will give me enough time to re-take it.
  6. Saman

    Fall 2018 I/O Psy

    Hi, I am also applying to several IO PhD program for this coming fall. Similar to yours, my biggest worry is GRE scores. Although I am taking it again in November, but not quite sure if I would be able to up them to the satisfactory level. My stats are given below: Undergrad GPA: 3.88 (India) Grad GPA: 3.91 GRE: V: 146, Q-157, AWA- 3.0 (Will be retaking it in November) Research Exp: 1 Master's Thesis (Meta-Analysis) - working on publication. 1 Independent Study (The Development of Turnover Intention Scale) - working on publication. 3 Conference Presentations (APS, Work, Stress, & Health, and Northern Kentucky University Student Research Celebration). Also, I have worked on the development of a personality test as a part of the capstone project during my master's. Research Interests: Team Performance, Trust, Job Performance, Job Involvement, Employee Turnover, and Meta-Analysis. Possible Schools: Both USA and Canada (e.g., UCF, George Mason, Western, FIU, British Columbia and couple of more). I don't know what my chances are of getting admitted, but this time I'm really hopeful that I will be able to start my PhD next year. Let me know what do you think of my stats, and if there is anything where I can improve to increase my chances. Best of luck to everybody else who is in the same boat, hope you get into your choice of program. Thanks
  7. Yes I have looked into it..I am basically trying to look for journals where the prior research on this particular topic has been published. And as you said earlier, it includes both domestic as well as international journals. Thank you for your input though. It was very helpful
  8. Thanks for your response @eternallyephemeral. And yes, I had a word with my supervisor and although he didn't specifically say it but he did say that "this research is publishable in some international journals but I am not sure which journals specifically." But I take your suggestion of going though the list of related articles and see if they are published in journals from North America. Thanks for the link though, it's very helpful
  9. Hi Guys, Hope everyone is doing amazing !! I am sure this is probably not the right time to post my query when everyone seems to be grappled with the admissions. But I just wanted to throw my question in here so that you can just chime in whenever you find some time off from the hectic process and share your thoughts/opinions/suggestions. Anyway, my question pertains to the area international journals of IO psychology. Here it is... I am currently enrolled in a master's program here in the USA and therefore doing a thesis to partially fulfill the requirements of my master's degree. I will be defending my thesis next week or so and there is a very high likelihood that it would be approved without any recommendation for corrections by the committee. My thesis involves a meta-analysis which investigates the relation between job involvement and job performance in collectivist cultures, non-western societies. Since the thesis is based on the literature from collectivist cultures, it cannot be published in journals from north America. Therefore I am looking for some credible international journals which can publish my research. Not to mention that I have already googled it but could not find satisfactory results. Therefore, I thought to share my questions with you guys if you could share some insight. You're most welcome to share any kind of resources/thoughts/opinions/suggestions or comment which can aid me narrowing down my search for these journals. I thank you guys for your help in advance have a good one !!
  10. Saman

    Best systematic reviews websites for social sciences

    Hi there, I am also conducting a meta-analysis as a part of my master's thesis and, as a result, I referred to various resources to get a better sense of the meta-analysis/systematic review process. I am not sure which methodology you are following for your systematic review, but most people in social sciences follow Schmidt and Hunter's (2015) approach to meta-analysis, therefore the first part of my advice is based on their approach. Schmidt and Hunter (2015) have published a third edition of their book which explains everything you need to know to conduct a meta-analysis. Also, they have provided YouTube tutorials which explains the process of conducting a meta-analysis using a software developed by Schmidt and Le (2014). On the other hand, if you are following Hedges and Olkin's approach to meta-analysis, then, in addition to Campbell collaboration, you can also refer to the Michael Borenstein's YouTube tutorials (This approach is slightly different than Schmidt and Hunter's approach). Furthermore, there are various books as well such as "practical meta-analysis" by Wilson (2001) and "Introduction to Meta-Analysis" by Borenstein (2009) which do a great job at explaining even a tiny issue of the meta-analysis process. Links are given below for these books if you want to have a read. http://www.textbooks.com/BooksDescription.php?BKN=488315&SBC=SG9&kpid=9780761921684U&kenshu=575dacf6-c394-4b5e-bb82-17a66f6ee3f2&mcid=XKS-7564-41-4219-GoogleShopping-PRIDREPLACE-291&gclid=Cj0KEQjwzd3GBRDks7SYuNHi3JEBEiQAIm6EI8ZK3O3jpedcZNOkMe4Ri2zhbiA2tVgm1gxnaWz55NIaAmSn8P8HAQ http://www.barnesandnoble.com/p/introduction-to-meta-analysis-michael-borenstein/1101201023/2694977426406?st=PLA&sid=BNB_DRS_Marketplace+Shopping+greatbookprices_00000000&2sid=Google_&sourceId=PLGoP24014&k_clickid=3x24014 Hope this helps.
  11. Hi Folks, Hope everyone is doing great !! I am currently enrolled in a IO psych grad program here in the states. And, as a part of my master's degree, I am writing a thesis (i.e., conducting a meta-analysis) on the relation between job involvement and in-role performance on studies conducted in collectivist cultures. I am following Schmidt and Hunter's (2015) approach in order to conduct this meta-analytic review. Although I understand the most part and pretty comfortable with the analysis, I hit a snag in moderator analysis. Currently, I have 5 moderators to analyze in which 4 of them are categorical and 1 is continuous. Although I am aware of the sub-group comparisons to assess the moderating effect, I just want to avoid any multicollinearity problem among the moderators. If some of the moderators are correlated, and I use separate sub-group comparisons for each moderator, it might lead to misleading results. I believe meta-regression technique is one of the possible solutions to avoid such problems of multicollinearity, but I am not sure how to run this in the Hunter & Schmidt software. I have already checked out their tutorials, they do not seem to be of much help. In addition, the text (i.e., Schmidt and Hunter, 2015) is also pretty overwhelming given the sophisticated and technical writing which has made the situation even worse. Therefore, I was wondering if any of you guys had any prior experience with this methodology or the software and willing to share some insight. Let me know your thoughts. Any kind of help or response will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Saman

    Fall 2018 Canadian Application Prep

    Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing great !! Looks like I'm also in the same boat as rest of you. I am looking forward to apply to a couple of doctoral programs for fall, 2018 in Canada. I will be applying to both I-O psych and educational research, measurement, and evaluation programs though. Best of luck to everyone. P.S. I am an international student here in the states, currently enrolled in a master's, and hopefully will be graduating this December
  13. Saman

    Indian student Pursuing a Masters U.S

    Hi PursuingPsych, I'm also an Indian student pursuing MS. in I/O psych at Northern Kentucky University. I also had a bachelors degree from Delhi University (BRAC) in App. Psychology (Hons.), 2013 batch, and came here in Fall, 2015. With respect to your concern, I'm not sure what schools you have checked which do not accept 3 year degree program (It used to be a major hindrance for the Indian students in the past though). As far as I know, every US school requires foreign nationals to have their degree evaluated in terms of GPA and its equivalency to the US bachelors programs. One of these organizations is WES which I used for my degree evaluation. Once you get your credentials evaluated, I'm sure not a single school will hesitate to accept you given you have met every other requirement. I would highly recommend you to check the "International Student Department" of every school you visit as they offer the current, consistent and up-to-date information regarding the admission requirements. If you need some more information you think I can help you with, please do not hesitate to shoot me an e-mail at nirwanv1@mymail.nku.edu Hope this helps. Thanks
  14. Hey, I'm also an international student in US and I would rather recommend you to use www.transferwise.com to transfer money to your home country. That's what I do to avoid any extra charges levied by banks upon money transfers across international borders. They will charge you a really tiny amount around 2-5$ for less than 1K transfer I guess. You can visit this website and explore for further information. Thanks
  15. Saman

    Cincinnati, OH

    Hey, Thanks for your response, it was really helpful. I am already here and almost done with the second semester. I like the campus and its surrounding. Anyway thanks for your response, appreciate it

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