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  1. Levon3

    Best Professional Handbag?

    For a shoulder bag, I really love my longchamp. It's sturdy and roomy. But backpacks are certainly better on the neck/back.
  2. Levon3

    Interview thank you emails

    I would definitely advise it. It could help, but won't hurt. I know people who place a surprising premium on that sort of thing.
  3. Levon3

    Sigma Xi

    They do have an annual grad student conference and some funding for small projects. I haven't taken advantage of those but that may help sway you. I suppose if networking is worth the dues, it's something to consider. Reddit has a few more enlightening threads.
  4. Levon3

    Sigma Xi

    I was wondering this too. I googled it, and found a forum somewhere on which people seemed to think it was an honor worth taking (sorry i can't be more specific; this was a while ago), so I joined. I've seen it on a few people's CVs.
  5. In my field, that kind of work would warrant you co-authorship with most the professors that I've worked with. I have done similar work without getting co-authorship even after it had been promised, but that was a special circumstance where they wanted to be able to make a unified positionality statement. I would ask about it, probably saying something like, "I was just wondering if there might be any opportunities for co-authorship through this work." I wouldn't say "I think I should get co-authorship for this work" because your field may have very different expectations.
  6. Levon3

    Advice for a first year PhD student

    Yes--it's good that you already have this strategy. I take notes using Mendeley. I don't know if i have the best strategy, but generally i note things like "what is the problem that this research is trying to solve" as well as methodological or content notes i'll need to come back to. I try to summarize purpose/methods/findings in a few sentences if the abstract doesn't quite do it for me, so that when i'm looking later i don't have to re-skim.
  7. Levon3

    Computers for Students

    ah, yeah, I'm not an engineer; I'm in the social sciences.
  8. Levon3

    Computers for Students

    I switched from an asus to a macbook when I started grad school and I will never go back to PC. The simplicity and shortcuts have saved me SO MUCH time (though I admit it may be possible I was unaware of ways to create shortcuts and save time on the windows interface). The other thing is my macbook is still going strong after years of abuse, whereas I had been buying a new laptop every 2 years before this.
  9. Levon3

    So this interview thing...

    FWIW, I have seen a couple of people get rejected after interview weekend, not by being assholes to professors, but to current students. We report back to our PIs about whether we want that person in our lab or not, and they take our perspective into account.
  10. Levon3

    Did anyone tried to discourage you from pursuing a PhD?

    Yeah, when I told my mom I got into my PhD program, she responded, "How much is THAT going to cost?!" as though it were a terrible life choice. When I told her they were paying me to go, she still wasn't satisfied. She says she just wants me to be happy, but she thinks happiness means married with children. I expected that since no one in my family went to college, no one would really understand a PhD, but I didn't expect them to be so actively against it. But I'm proud of myself, and happy with my choices!
  11. Does your university have counselling services? I've found them to be SO helpful with strategies for managing emotions and stress, even if they didn't provide enough free sessions for me to actually tackle my depression too.
  12. Levon3

    Venting Thread- Vent about anything.

    lol this is something I didn't know when I applied to grad school. I thought the anxious waiting was over when I was admitted ??
  13. Levon3

    NSF GRFP 2018-2019

  14. Levon3

    Working while on GRFP tenure

    I've met people with the fellowship in other programs who say it frees them from working for their advisor. That's what I'm asking: How often does it not? How much an an anomaly is my case, and is there anything I can do about it?
  15. Levon3

    Working while on GRFP tenure

    20 hr/wk is the maximum we're allowed to work while in my program (20 hours of research + 30 hours for coursework). Yes, I am still taking courses. It's not that I don't expect to work. It's that I want to not have to do administrative work as if I'm a research assistant for my advisor's grant, while I am not. I am not funded at all by his grant. Of course I want to accomplish research. I just didn't expect that landing the GRFP wouldn't change anything about my research. I thought it was supposed to allow me to do my *own* research. I'm confused as to how you think I eat up research costs. I'm working in my advisor's lab for free, so I'm pretty sure I'm costing him nothing. I understand that I don't NEED to do the project proposed, but won't it look weird if I got this fellowship and didn't *do* anything with it?

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