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  1. Anyone considering a M.Ed for 2017-2018?

    What are your goals in pursuing an M.Ed.?
  2. How to do a lit review. What's your workflow?

    In terms of organizing strands as I build my lit review, I have been trying to use Scrivener--it allows me to rearrange and create subordinate/superordinate categories really easily.
  3. What are my chances at NYU or Teachers College

    Many people post their stats here; you can try searching different terms to get a feel for the range of GPAs and GRE scores. http://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=teachers+college+clinical+psychology
  4. HGSE 2017

    I have met Harvard College graduates who do. But ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #elitism
  5. Graduate Plus Loan, Anyone?

    I see you are at Columbia, which is where I got my master's as well. Their financial aid office helped me apply for the grad plus loan, and answered all my questions.
  6. Heads up to potential participants: the age range does not go beyond 30.
  7. Spending most of the stipend on housing?

    This, of course, depends on your field. Columbia offered me exactly $0 in stipend, and most of my colleagues worked multiple jobs + took out loans to afford their PhDs.
  8. Trying to find similar applicants!

    Look under "the menu," perhaps under business? http://forum.thegradcafe.com/forum/14-business/
  9. Nashville, TN

    It's really not that bad, y'all. I live in the music row area, and feel much safer than when I lived in my hometown. What's your price range?
  10. First Gen Student applying for Ph.D. - Advice?

    2. I did mention the circumstances that led to my low undergrad GPA. But I tried to do it in a brief mention inside a much longer sentence about all the things that I accomplished during my undergrad. It worked for me. 3. I had a letter writer mention that for me. If I hadn't known she was willing to do that, though, I think I would have mentioned it in my SOP. I believe it is relevant information--90% of low-income, first gen students don't graduate on time. So I think it puts my accomplishments into perspective.
  11. NSF GRFP 2016-2017

    Also, they may halve the number of fellowships next year...
  12. NSF GRFP 2016-2017

    I've heard that it happens, but unfortunately I don't have any information on when.
  13. Embarrassing low GPA

    You will find some advice here:
  14. iPad?

    I use google drive, so it's fairly easy to stay organized.
  15. iPad?

    I sometimes do. I bought a case that came with a keyboard. What I like about it is that it's a little less conspicuous than a laptop if I'm taking notes during a presentation, but I definitely don't type as well on it. I make more mistakes and am slower.