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  1. That's wonderful news! Congrats and good luck!
  2. Y'all got way more optimism than I do. Where is it coming from? Are we looking at the same job market?
  3. About 5 years ago now (so this info is outdated), I received $16,000 in scholarships and was told that was the maximum masters students could receive. Doctoral funding isn't really any better as far as I know.
  4. The question about freshman enrollment numbers is a good one. I know that one search at my institution was suspended due to the pandemic, but as a lowly student who is not on the search committee, I haven't received updates about whether they'll consider virtual alternatives or wait until next fall or otherwise. (private institution, fwiw)
  5. A colleague of mine had a campus visit turned into a virtual "visit" with basically the same schedule as was initially set.
  6. I was notified this afternoon that I did not make it to semi-finalist.
  7. I think I would go for the one that pays more, and definitely list both on your CV. My national foundation fellowship has not provided any networking opportunities, though I am sure this varies from fellowship to fellowship.
  8. Thanks, ZeChocMoose. Yes, this person does have a vested interest in me accepting the non-TT position, which adds to my skepticism. I appreciate the info. I didn't know there were that many differences (and especially didn't know that about grants)!
  9. yep, business casual is what i've mostly seen.
  10. I don't know if it is possible, but you may want to ask some of your profs if it's advisable. I think those kind of degrees can be hard to market when you're looking for TT jobs later.
  11. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between CT and TT (other than the obvious, no tenure)? Someone trying to convince me to take a CT job says that there is no difference in terms of status/prestige, but I am skeptical.
  12. How many days? It is not uncommon for my supervisor to get my feedback months later, depending on how many other projects they have in the works. Next time you send something for feedback, I would say something like, "I'd like to get this submitted by July 31. Does that timeline work for you?" As far as emailing about the brief idea, my supervisor doesn't seem to respond to things like that either. They have to decide how much guidance to give you and it sounds like they trust you to integrate the new idea or not.
  13. So, what about when your advisor presents some of your findings as part of their research without listing you as co-author? We (grad students) didn't *write* the conference proposal or help with assembling the presentation, but some of the findings presented were our findings (verbatim), and a result of months of our coding which our advisor had almost no hand in. I don't need another conference presentation on my cv so I don't really mind being left off for that reason, and I don't think there's any way I'll say anything, but I'm trying to figure out if my feelings (of broken trust) are valid
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