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  1. How do we accept the award?
  2. Last year my university rejected my sshrc before it even got to the competition. This year 17.42 won CGS-D. Now I have a tough decision. The university is interested in me for Vanier but they said if I accept sshrc, even if I take one year for sshrc I hold Vanier...
  3. I have 3 teenagers and my experience may be counterintuitive and different from many, but I actually don't find it that hard at all. PhD is one of the most flexible times of your life. Your first year is coursework and then from there you entirely create your own schedule. You can go to the university to get out of the house to help concentrate or you can work from home to attend to your child. I do it and I work multiple jobs and still have free time. Plus many people take 6-8 years to finish their PhD so if you need to take it slowly that's okay, where I'm from graduating on time in 4-years
  4. Thank you for the encouragement and your kind words
  5. I'm so scared about the future and I just need some solid advice as to how to build my CV for jobs. I have an MA in Women's Studies and am doing a PhD in Women's studies right now focusing on queer health. I am also doing an MA in Religious Studies at the same time. I've TA'ed, RA'ed, and have several papers in review. Once I finish my second MA, I was thinking maybe I should do a third in Sociology, Political Science, Education, Epidemiology, or Art History to make myself more marketable so I could apply for professorships in those fields focusing on gender. I'm happy with my life and what I'
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