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  1. Has anyone heard back from George Mason, Portland State, or University of Oklahoma? Also Please if anyone got an offer from Xavier and not planning to attend, plz plz plz decline their offer.
  2. I'm kind of having the same issue and I decided to wait until tomorrow then I will email the schools that I've been waiting their response. I'm also applying to I O psych, what schools did you applied to and which one you haven't heard from?
  3. has anyone heard from George Mason Masters? Portland PhD? U Oklahoma PhD?
  4. Hi everyone, I thought it would help if you guys mention schools where you've been waitlisted, admitted or maybe still waiting decision. I will start: - have been admitted in I O Psychology at University of Cincinnati and Texas A&M University. - Wait-list at Xavier University. - I haven't heard from George Mason, University of Oklahoma and Portland State University, which is very frustrating :( What about you guys?
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