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Best systematic reviews websites for social sciences


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Hi there,

I am also conducting a meta-analysis as a part of my master's thesis and, as a result, I referred to various resources to get a better sense of the meta-analysis/systematic review process. I am not sure which methodology you are following for your systematic review, but most people in social sciences follow Schmidt and Hunter's (2015) approach to meta-analysis, therefore the first part of my advice is based on their approach. Schmidt and Hunter (2015) have published a third edition of their book which explains everything you need to know to conduct a meta-analysis. Also, they have provided YouTube tutorials which explains the process of conducting a meta-analysis using a software developed by Schmidt and Le (2014).

On the other hand, if you are following Hedges and Olkin's approach to meta-analysis, then, in addition to Campbell collaboration, you can also refer to the Michael Borenstein's YouTube tutorials (This approach is slightly different than Schmidt and Hunter's approach). Furthermore, there are various books as well such as "practical meta-analysis" by Wilson (2001) and "Introduction to Meta-Analysis" by Borenstein (2009) which do a great job at explaining even a tiny issue of the meta-analysis process. Links are given below for these books if you want to have a read. 



Hope this helps.

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