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  1. Overlap in degree programs

    Hello! How do you get to choose which program to apply to when your research topic falls under many disciplines? I have an idea for a research project but I do not know if it belongs in Social Work, Communications or Criminology.
  2. Hello! I've applied to present at a conference, this time, in France. It's a five-day conference and they have gotten approximately 400 proposals. What are my chances of being selected in your opinion? Is it assumed that once you apply, it's almost sure that you get selected?
  3. Hello, so I have a concentration in gender and women's studies in my MSW program. I've never studied feminist theory before. I have to do a lit review by the end of the semester but must submit a proposal this week. I have chosen my topic, but I am really struggling to find an example of a literature review essay based on books on feminist theory. Is this normal? I've contacted my librarian but he is away for a conference for a couple of days and I am pulling my air out because I just want to see how this type of lit review is done in feminist courses. Help, anyone?
  4. Anyone else feeling overwhelmed?

    Hello, we're midway through the semester and I am starting to feel overwhelmed. I manage and I cope, but it's a lot, I wasn't expecting it to be so much especially considering the fact that I have a few extracurricular commitments. Plus, I handed in a 50% paper in one class today and I have no idea if what I did was okay, the guidelines weren't pretty clear. Anyone else feeling the same?
  5. "Name faculty members"

    You usually ask faculty if they'd like to work with you while you're in the process of applying.
  6. Hello! Anyone here living and studying in France? I have a few questions for you. PM me.
  7. MSW starting Fall 2017

    Hello people, how are you guys coping so far with the first semester?
  8. MSW starting Fall 2017

    Hello! I thought I would start a thread for those of us who have been accepted and are starting the program this term. I live in Canada. I'm so excited to start my program, and am even considering a Ph.D afterwards.
  9. Lit review in feminist theory class

    Hello, when I click on the link it says that it is not available for my account.
  10. What would be your advice to someone from another academic background who wants to apply to a doctoral program in communication?
  11. Applying when your background is not communications

    Thanks for your answers. So I've spoken to them and they said that my background would be great for their program even if I've never studied in Coms before. However, since I want to write my thesis in French, it could be an issue since the prof I was aiming to work with speaks only English. She's suggested that I look into the work of two of her colleagues who read and understand French and that they could be in a commitee along with her. How do commitees work in PhD programs?
  12. Lit review in feminist theory class

    Hello! Thanks! I've chosen to do it on indigenous feminism(s). I want to give different definitions and then explore some of the controversies around the term. My keywords would be indigenous OR aboriginal AND feminism I have to look at 3-4 books and then draw out common themes or differences in relation to one another. She recommended that I look at Signs, differences and GLQ academic journals but I am struggling to find an example of what she wants us to do. Is a literature review and an review essay the same thing?
  13. Qualitative and Quantitative Jack of All Trades ???

    My uni gives a graduate mandatory course on both (qual and quant). I'm really happy about that. But I wonder, is it possible to combine the two in a doctoral thesis or that's way too ambitious ?
  14. Hello, I wonder if anyone here has done a media content analysis as their master's or doctoral thesis. If your focus was related to violence against women, pm me! Thank you!
  15. Women's/Feminist/Gender Studies Fall 2017

    I'll know by the end of this month if I got accepted to take part in my second international conference as a master's student. The first one was in my hometown, but this one would be in France. I'm finger-crossed. But they've received more than 400 applications
  16. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    McGill University, Université de Montréal (UdeM) and Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM). They are all located in Mtl, Qc.
  17. Issue with word for organizing data - technical difficulty

    I found the ruler, will work on this asap!
  18. Hello everyone, I am so sorry because this will probably come across as off-topic. But I've asked and looked everywhere and I don't know how to get help with this and it is driving me crazy. Does anyone know how to make frames around paragraphs in Word (like one frame with one paragraph and then another frame with another paragraph following it) without it looking all messy and all over the place. I've been watching tutorials online to do it and it's not working, the result is not user friendly. I've been trying to do this for days, literally and I am ripping my hair out because it doesn't look right. I am trying to do some "cards" with information on different programs for a research project. But this is what it gives me everytime I try to do it. And I have more than a hundred pages like this, I cannot do it on a seperate document for each one of these programs. I have a table of content that I've been able to put up. I can click on an element in the table of content that would redirect me to the specific "card" in the word document. Do you see what I mean? And some programs are being described on more than one page. I have to give this to a professor and I don't want to give it to her now because it's just a mess. I want it to be user-friendly for her because there are tons of pages in this document. Thanks for anyone who will help. I find this so frustrating.
  19. Women's/Feminist/Gender Studies Fall 2017

    Hello, so I have to write a literature review for my Women's Studies theory class. Is a lit review in women's studies any different than a literature review in other disciplines? Just want to make sure. I am also going to meet with the Women's studies librarian to get a bit of help on this.
  20. Issue with word for organizing data - technical difficulty

    I just downloaded the latest version of Word and for some reason I don't see the ruler. I guess that's where my problem comes from.
  21. Would that previous experience count?

    Thanks. I just spoke with a professor, and he said that all my community work that I have been doing since I was a teenager also counts. So I would definitely have more than 2 years of experience. Yay! He also mentioned that there is a lack of diversity among social work professors at the current moment and that who I am and the things I do would be an added value to the profession.
  22. Would that previous experience count?

    Hello everyone, I am considering more and more seriously applying for a PhD in Social Work next year. I live in Qc, and I have a CEGEP degree in social intervention. Along with my BSW, I was able to accumulate 2-3 years of work and field experience, on and off. When applying for a PhD and considering teaching positions, would that previous experience count? Or does it have to be "registered social worker, post-BSW" experience only? I am officially a social worker, member of a professional order since this summer but I am currently working as a research assistant. Thank you!
  23. Issue with word for organizing data - technical difficulty

    Hello everyone, just tried it and I get the same issue. I want to create a border all around this text but whenever I try to do it, I get multiple boxes that aren't aligned.
  24. Issue with word for organizing data - technical difficulty

    Hello everyone, sorry for the late response. I am working on this at this very moment with all of your advice. Will tell you if it works. Thanks again!
  25. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hello everyone, I am currently a MSW student, feel free to ask me questions, especially if you're from Qc, I was accepted in all three universities I applied in. Good luck everyone!