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  1. Clinapp2017

    Published abstract - any significance?

    You can put that you presented at that meeting on your CV under "presentations," but do not list a "published abstract" as a "publication."
  2. Clinapp2017

    Clinical Psychology PhD's with assessment focus

    A narrower scope than “assessment” would probably be helpful if you want recommendations. Even in clinical neuropsychology tracks, people specialize in research in specific areas (e.g., TBI diagnosis and treatment) vs. assessment broadly.
  3. Use google scholar to search for recent articles on that topic. Then look at who the authors are and their affiliations. From there, use regular google again to look those people up. Hope this helps.
  4. Clinapp2017

    Psych GRE and a couple general admissions questions

    1. For me, the psych GRE was a joke. More than half of the content was IO/Social, which (to me) is fairly irrelevant to my field of study. I scored in the 75th percentile (90th bio/neuroscience, 50th social/IO), so I wound up not sending this. My general scores and GPA were great, so I let those speak for themselves on the standardized test front. Frankly, master's programs are not rigorous or competitive enough in their admissions process (IMHO) to even suggest applicants take this... 2. I'd reach out to profs now if you have been that far out. Some may be on summer holiday, though, so keep that in mind. 3. I am confused. Are you applying to just masters programs, or PhD as well? Usually master's programs do not have formalized mentor-mentee relationships like that. If you are talking about PhD programs, I would reach out in early-to-late August when funding for the next incoming year might be more clear. It's too early now.
  5. It's good that she is interested in you and your project. Lots of people take a gap year if they don't feel like they have enough research experience. It sounds like you would have less than a year of research experience at the time of applying this fall, so that is not a lot in comparison to some people who are bringing in 3-5 years. That being said, mentor fit is the most important aspect of the application. Ultimately, it is up to the mentor (and the application committees) to determine who will be joining their lab and the program. I don't admit to know anything about Dalhousie's reputation, but I do know it is in Canada. If you are pursuing clinical and are a resident of the U.S. and want to return to work/practice in the U.S., you might want to consider issues of reciprocity. Canada and the U.S. are about the most reciprocal you get out of any U.S.-other country combo, but there are still issues sometimes. I would definitely ask your prospective and current mentor about this, as well as other people in the field who know more on this issue than I do. Also, if you take a gap year, I would recommend trying to find a paid RA job and taking at least 2 years, if possible. You won't get any meaningful pubs or posters out of a 1 year position, most likely, as it takes 6-8 months to fully get up to speed and develop your own ideas in the new lab. Most people take 2+ years of gap if they take any gap.
  6. Clinapp2017

    How do you feel?

    You’re not the only one. I’m a now 2nd year student and imposter syndrome is still real. From what I’ve heard, it never goes away (even faculty feel it). You just need to know you’re there for a reason and continue to be excited. For me, being open to learning something new every day really has helped.
  7. Clinapp2017

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I reached out September/early October. I would wait until then because a lot of people are on vacation right now and funding situations may not yet be known for the 2019 year incoming students.
  8. Clinapp2017

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Have you taken the GRE/what is your score? Also, what programs or research areas are you looking for? You sound competitive at least based on this.
  9. Clinapp2017

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Those are interesting interest. In reality, if you are looking at schools that have a large greek life that can (support?) your study, a lot of state schools (especially in the South) also have greek life. However, what is most important is that you identify a potential mentor(s) to work with at these prospective schools if you have not already. I think it is generally helpful to have some research background in what you want to do, but that being said it is not a requirement. It really will depend on what your potential POIs want. And the psych subject test may or may not be required by the programs you want to apply to, so I would advising checking that. The test can also be useful to take if you did not major in psych and/or had a poor college GPA.
  10. Clinapp2017

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Your GRE being above a 320 is great, but the math is a little low. Depending on what area of psych research you are looking at, the math being low may be okay. If you are heavy on quant methods or something, then the math should be higher. I'd love to know what your research interests are if you want to share on here or PM me. Applying can be a stressful process (as a now second year PhD student), so if I can be of any help I like to be.
  11. Clinapp2017

    Contacting advisor the summer before PhD starts

    I'd definitely recommend chilling. This may be the last "vacation" you get for a long time until the Ph.D. ends. That being said, read about things that you are interested in learning more about. You can also prepare ideas for potential F applications to the NIH or other funding agencies (if applicable).
  12. You’re probaly more likely to find a response to your ad posting on Craigslist or housing boards in that city vs. an international forum. Good luck, though!
  13. Clinapp2017

    Question for prospective Clinical Psych PhD!

    I agree with this... although a PsyD is a doctorate degree. It’s debatably, however, not presently viewed as high as a PhD by people within the research field.
  14. Clinapp2017

    Question for prospective Clinical Psych PhD!

    Yes, if your undergrad work is not related to your interests, it's a good idea to do a 2+ year RAship that will boost your knowledge of that area and give you skills applicable to depression and anxiety research. I would definitely wait to apply until you at least have a few posters in the area of research you care about (pubs are even better, if possible). Also, as a neuropsych trainee I am curious why you are interested in neuropsych if your main inteests are depression and anxiety and what distinguishes why two people of the same background will or will not go on to develop that disorder. I am wondering how you envision neuropsych fitting in with that. as your interests (to me) sound like they would more fit in to the generalist clinical psychologist training model.
  15. Clinapp2017

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    Attending an unaccredited program will create lots of nightmares down the line if your goal is to practice (e.g., severe barriers to licensure and internship). I would seriously advise against this.

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