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  1. Are you currently studying in the US? Due to financial constraints, I am thinking of applying to cheaper masters program outside US. I have already missed the application deadlines of the Universities in India (home country), how difficult do you think is the jump after getting a masters from say Netherlands to getting into a doctoral program in the US?
  2. Really appreciate your response. I will definitely take into consideration the immigration aspects before making the final decision. I just have one question, what will be a better option when it comes to choosing a master's program, in your opinion. Since my ultimate career objective is to practice as a licensed psychologist in the US, should I choose a master's program designed to prepare students for doctoral training in Psychology, or is it better to invest more money, apply to a licensable master's program, practice for couple of years and finally apply to a doctoral program? Is the latte
  3. Thank you for your prompt response. I totally agree with your advice to gain sufficient research experience before I apply to a doctoral program. To clarify, I definitely want to practice in the US post my masters/PsyD. To be honest, I am just trying to figure out the best possible route that will allow me to practice in the US as a licensed psychologist. The reason why I’m considering doing my masters in India is because it’s easier to get into a masters program here than getting into a program in the US. Plus it is cheap, so I can save a good amount of money to invest in
  4. Wow, any tips? I'm turning 23 and still struggling. I don't think I can go straight to a doctoral program because I've always been a below average student. I'm looking for M.A. programs with high acceptance rates. If you have any advice for me that will be great!
  5. This is a cry for help, I don't think I have ever been this lost academically. I have a bachelor's degree in arts with a major in Psychology from Mumbai, India. I want to pursue higher education in the United States of America, and as a Psychology major, I know I have four paths leading to grad school in the US Masters (60 credits program) leading to state license Masters pre-doctoral track (30-42 credits) PsyD PhD Deciding which track is best suited for me is a predicament. I do not see myself pursuing a Ph.D. because of the heavy em
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