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  1. Interview Attire

    I actually don't know. I think a suit is when you buy the pants and blazer as a matching set? I'm still ridding my wardrobe of tee-shirts from my high school sports teams, so adult fashion is still somewhat of a mystery.
  2. Interview Attire

    If you wait until after Christmas, most of the stores have huge sales and you can get stuff marked way down. I did this last year at Anne Taylor. I wore a blazer, ankle trousers, flats, and a blouse for every interview (except one where it snowed, and I switch the flats for nice boots). Everybody else was dressed exactly the same way. Most psych departments are fairly casual, and I was much more over-dressed than the faculty and the students (which is what you want). I don't think a full suit is necessary, but this is just my experience.
  3. Accepting an offer this year vs. applying next year

    I think the danger in re-applying is that the admissions game is such a crap shoot. You can get multiple interview offers one admissions cycle and none the next. While having another publication is always a good thing, it doesn't mitigate the luck/fit factor. If the financials are good, you like your PI, and the program has a history of placing alums in positions that you are interested in, there's probably not much to be gained from turning it down and possibly getting into a more highly ranked program the next year. If you have serious concerns about your offers, such as debt or a feeling that you would be extremely unhappy, then it's understandable to wait another round. I would just be wary of foregoing a solid offer on the chance something better might come along. I would ask yourself if you would regret turning down the offers this year in the event you were to receive none next year.
  4. GPA and Admission to Grad School

    I got into two clinical PhD programs with a 3.44 overall GPA (closer to a 3.8 psych GPA; I wasn't a psych major). My GRE was 322 which I think helped me out a bit.
  5. Psych Results Search Page Questions/Clarifications

    To the person that got the VA consortium invite- did it come from your POI or a grad admin/program director? Thanks!!
  6. Interview/Interview Invitation Thread

    Looks like I spoke too soon. I just got an email from the DCT for an interview on 1/29. Hope you got one too!
  7. Interview/Interview Invitation Thread

    I'm also waiting on UNC Charlotte. Looking at last year's results, they sent invites anytime from 1/9-1/27.
  8. Fall 2016 CANADIAN clinical psych applicants

    Does UTSC ever admit Americans? I'm really interested in the clinical program, but it doesn't seem like they admit many non-Canadians (judging by the lab websites)
  9. Psych Results Search Page Questions/Clarifications

    Yes this!!! Some of my schools sent invites before the holidays last year, but there were no results posted this year. Did the programs change their timing or were the invitees just not sharing on TGC?
  10. Interview/Interview Invitation Thread

    Has anyone heard anything from Ohio State or Vanderbilt Clinical? It looks like they notified people around this time last year.
  11. Fall 2016 Clinical Psychology Applicant Thread

    Phew I was hoping it was something like that. Anxiety is running high right now...
  12. Fall 2016 Clinical Psychology Applicant Thread

    Did any other applicants to SUNY Albany clinical program receive an e-mail from the grad school saying "your application is now complete and has been forwarded to the academic department for their consideration" ? I triple checked on the Dec. 1 deadline and the application was showing that they'd received all my test scores, recs, transcripts, etc. Maybe it took them 3 weeks to process everything?