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  1. Ya everything get's increasingly competitive.. It's rough 😕
  2. Ah thought you knew the numbers since you said FRQSC is lower
  3. That's once you've made it to the federal level. Their full acceptance rates are different and on their website.e I wonder if the 27% for FRQSC is from the moment you submit your app in Oct but that process isnt multi layered like federal.
  4. Makes sense. She was at the cut off for both.
  5. And how competitive is SSHRC?
  6. Yeah I mean the whole point is that it's not really supposed to be subjective lol and SSHRC is more competitive than provincial, so it seems odd. But you're right in that the subjectivity of it is unavoidable but still frustrating
  7. To everyone who is wondering, I was told by FRQ that no second offers will be made. So no waitlist. Makes 0 sense and very frustrating but ya
  8. I replied to the notification email so emailed Mathieu and heard back within 30 min I'd say
  9. A friend of mine got the SSHRC doctoral but not the FRQSC this year. Weird!
  10. I emailed them and they said there are no second round of offers. Very frustrated myself too!
  11. I just got ranked 8th out of 6 for FRQSC and no mention of waitlist. Should I just throw it in with this round? Based on the above, seems like yes...
  12. Ranked 8th and didnt get it:( my french isnt the best. Does it say there were only 6? Does this mean that if 2 people decline, I could get it??
  13. Last year, people started being able to access their results at midnight. I had to wait until 11am the morning of the 30th. Wonder what itll be like this time.
  14. This post has made my day and lightened my heart! I have pubs and experience and yet every year I fall short. For me, it's my proposal. My clinical mindset is there but my researcher mindset is still very much in the beginning stages. I didn't send around my proposal a lot because I was afraid of criticism and also thought I wouldn't have the energy to deal with all of it. But THIS IS SO ON POINT! I think getting varied critique, taking it seriously, and addressing it to the best of my ability may make a huge difference. I am very excited to try again now!
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