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  1. OISE should start contacting people later this month or early Feb. Nothing has happened yet
  2. I don't think it happens often, and I would say never when the POI doesn't know the applicant.
  3. Hey this is how I got into McGill, but I did work with the POI for a year so none was needed
  4. FYI the committee met today and made decisions. They are forwarding them to the University for formal approvals which will be sent out within a week or so. So good luck McGill applicants!
  5. Yessssss!! Celebrating in bed with some dessert right now though, haha
  6. School: McGill Type:PhD Clinical Psychology Date of Invite: Jan 11th, 2018 Type of invite: Acceptance! POI: I prefer to not disclose, sorry! Good luck everyone!
  7. Think you quoted the wrong person I was also asking to be PM'd. I didn't get the interview request.
  8. Oh, you had an interview already? Is this for the clinical program? Do you mind PMing me your POI?
  9. I am currently an MA Clinical and Counselling Psych student at OISE, UofT, thinking of applying to McGill because I have had enough of the high prices and lifestyle here in Toronto lol. Is there anyone who has gotten in here or anyone with any useful tips? Appreciate it!
  10. I wanna travel! I'd like to travel and work somewhere. I'm looking into Italy or Australia. Anyone done this kind of a thing before? Worked in psychology abroad? Recommendations?
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