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  1. Well that gives me hope. I'm in the first year going into second, but second year applying. Hopefully next year...
  2. Thank you so much My applications have definitely gotten better over the years. And every year I learn what to recalibrate, like you said, a little tweak here and there. One day it'll be enough and things wont be hard financially. Can I ask what year of your PhD you (and others who got funded) are in?
  3. Late afternoon last year for a letter that you didn't get it? (Im assuming since you re-applied this year)
  4. This is so frustrating. I've been applying for years and every year it's the same thing.. Living on peanuts
  5. We can assume that if there was no change yet we didnt get it?
  6. OISE should start contacting people later this month or early Feb. Nothing has happened yet
  7. I don't think it happens often, and I would say never when the POI doesn't know the applicant.
  8. Hey this is how I got into McGill, but I did work with the POI for a year so none was needed
  9. FYI the committee met today and made decisions. They are forwarding them to the University for formal approvals which will be sent out within a week or so. So good luck McGill applicants!
  10. Yessssss!! Celebrating in bed with some dessert right now though, haha
  11. School: McGill Type:PhD Clinical Psychology Date of Invite: Jan 11th, 2018 Type of invite: Acceptance! POI: I prefer to not disclose, sorry! Good luck everyone!
  12. Think you quoted the wrong person I was also asking to be PM'd. I didn't get the interview request.
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