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  1. I second this!!. All research is meaningful and impactful. In competitions like this, it can solely come down to who reads your application and whether or not it strikes their fancy, and how their day has gone. These competitions reveal nothing about a person's character, success or failure as a researcher. At this level of academia, we all are winners, and are all conducting research to better the lives of others. Whether you have received an award, or not, take the time to congratulate your self for 1) making it to this level of adjudication and 2) being so passionate about a topic to seek f
  2. It should be the email address they sent the email to!
  3. Last year I received a rejection with super low score. This year I was successful with no publications and one conference added with a similar application. It truly is a lottery! Not sure what committee number (I think 4? - psychology) but was successful with 15.9.
  4. I did not receive extranet access until this morning, I think they are sending them out slowly but surely!
  5. I have not! I thought I was the only one πŸ˜…
  6. still waiting and I'm also committee 4 (I think!) as my proposal was psychology focused but also fit under public policy.
  7. Contacted SSHRC about not having access to my portal and I got a reply with a link to login to the portal where my results will be uploaded...super frustrated since I never got login information and still have no access to the portal. I also phoned and they assured me I'd eventually get an email...I'm so sick of waiting 😩
  8. They said they haven't heard anything either....I emailed them this morning to ask them if they have any updates...
  9. I still never received login information.....starting to think I've officially been ghosted by SSHRC
  10. If it makes anyone feel better I never did receive an email for the extranet login...so my fingers are crossed for monday...or they completely forgot about me
  11. It's so frustrating and I can't stop checking my email πŸ˜”
  12. Anyone else still with no login information? or am I the only one left LOL
  13. I still have no login information. I really dont understand this process anymore
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