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  1. Still no extranet email for me either. Somewhat regret giving into the urge to check this thread again. It sounds like you all at amazing proposals with those scores, I am so sorry to everyone who didn't get it, and congratulations to those that did!
  2. While the uncertainty is not comfortable, it could also very well be that your supervisor was working with a draft of something they had written last year (if this isn't your first rodeo for a grad progess form) and genuinely hadn't realized the mistake. There is hope for you yet! I honestly feel that no one knows yet for sure. SSHRC, keeping its secrets close to the vest... I was really hoping that today might be the day the extranet access emails went out, and even though I have received a MILLION emails today, not a one has been from SSHRC 😞
  3. I am really sorry to hear you didn't get it, and how you found out 😞 If anyone lets it slip they should just confirm, our nerves can't take anymore! I also wanted to say this is my first time posting, but I have been following this forum for the last month and have found immeasurable comfort in it. No one else in my cohort applied so reading about how we are all anxiety ridden has made me feel a little better about myself and general lack of productivity in the last week. This is my second time applying, first time didn't make it out of the graduate school level so this is my firs
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