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  1. WOW - coming back to this forum as I work on my new proposal I am so surprised and thankful for all of your helpful responses. @Dryad this makes me feel so much better & I will definitely be looking into the "16 Future Global Challenges". I will also take the tip about talking about significance throughout as well, I totally agree that it shouldn't just be in the last 2 paragraphs. @smallaxe thank you for the helpful resource! I definitely agree that a lot of it is luck - we will see how this year plays out. No one at my University was even awarded a SSHRC CGS-D this year so ho
  2. Question for past Vanier CGS and Tri-Council CGS-D applicants -- have you used the same research proposal for both award applications?
  3. Do any successful applicants feel comfortable sharing tips for proposal writing? I put my absolute ALL into my proposal last year and was rejected with a score of 11.5. I'm feeling pretty discouraged, especially given that I now only have one more chance for the CGS-D (entering PhD 1 in the fall). At the time of application last year I had zero publications, so I thought that may have played a large role, however I'll be entering this round with two/potentially three. Please feel free to reply to this message or DM me -- thanks in advance!
  4. I just got my results at approximately 4pm - Unsuccessful, first year applying. Congratulations to all of the winners and better luck next year to everyone else!
  5. Are most people who still don't have results from committee 4? I've heard nothing but the rest of my cohort has - I'm in committee 4 (clinical psychology).
  6. Mine looks the exact same as yours @JHSinclair
  7. Just got an invite to the Extranet with password (finally) - No documents uploaded yet. At UWindsor.
  8. Does anyone know whether or not unsuccessful applicants receive rejection letters/emails? Or is it just radio silence if you are not chosen for the award? Just trying to mentally prepare myself... Thanks in advance!
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