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  1. I just got my results and it's a no-go for me. 15.64/20. I was rejected last year with 12/20, so at least there's an improvement!
  2. Based on my twitter creeping, CIHR CGS-Ds went out today... c'mon SSHRC!
  3. Last year was pure torture, I really hope they do it a bit better this year. I think I waited like 5-6 days from the time the first people started posting that they had results here on GradCafe to the time I got mine (rejected). My friend at my University got hers on the Friday (also rejected) and I didn't get mine until the Monday! And she wasn't even one of the first to get notified, I want to say it started on like the Wednesday of that week. My goodness, I'm stressed just thinking about it. There was also no rhyme or reason to who got results when - some were winners on Day 1, som
  4. I got this email too! Thanks for the mini heart attack, SSHRC
  5. @TheCivLad I got an email this morning at 7am saying that my results were available - I applied to Vanier SSHRC. There were 2 documents when I entered my ResearchNet: 1 that told me the decision, and 1 that told me the decision and my scores. Academic Excellence: 3.50 - cGPA 89% which is understandably low in comparison to others applying to this scholarship. My program, unfortunately, doesn't like to give grades over 90% in our classes (clinical psych). Otherwise, I have another Master's in Neuroscience (94% GPA). Research Potential: 2.50 - 3 publications, 9 conference posters,
  6. I just got my results! No Vanier for me, wishing the rest of you the best of luck
  7. My project is related to COVID-19 and when I wrote my proposal, the advice I got was that I need to make it more than "just another COVID-19 study". This is assuming that lots of proposals are COVID-related this year. What I took from this is that if you're submitting a COVID study make sure it's high-impact and novel. My personal opinion is that what matters more is the "whole package" of the candidate, COVID study or not.
  8. Do we know approx. time of day? It's April 6th and every email I get makes my heart skip a beat :')
  9. My SSHRC Results came out on May 4th last year. It was quite the adventure, everyone seemed to hear about their results on different days. Some people were posting about theirs on like May 2nd whereas I was one of the last to know (rejected... sadly) on May 4th. Hopefully they figure out the Extranet a bit better this year! Fingers crossed! In other news, did anyone here apply for Vanier? Apparently results could come any day now...
  10. Early April it says. So... potentially next week? More likely the week after?
  11. Hi all! I just wanted to create this forum for the 2020-2021 Vanier application cycle (for awards adjudicated in 2021) as Vanier awards are now being sent forth/due directly to Vanier. Wishing everyone who has applied the best of luck!
  12. WOW - coming back to this forum as I work on my new proposal I am so surprised and thankful for all of your helpful responses. @Dryad this makes me feel so much better & I will definitely be looking into the "16 Future Global Challenges". I will also take the tip about talking about significance throughout as well, I totally agree that it shouldn't just be in the last 2 paragraphs. @smallaxe thank you for the helpful resource! I definitely agree that a lot of it is luck - we will see how this year plays out. No one at my University was even awarded a SSHRC CGS-D this year so ho
  13. Question for past Vanier CGS and Tri-Council CGS-D applicants -- have you used the same research proposal for both award applications?
  14. Do any successful applicants feel comfortable sharing tips for proposal writing? I put my absolute ALL into my proposal last year and was rejected with a score of 11.5. I'm feeling pretty discouraged, especially given that I now only have one more chance for the CGS-D (entering PhD 1 in the fall). At the time of application last year I had zero publications, so I thought that may have played a large role, however I'll be entering this round with two/potentially three. Please feel free to reply to this message or DM me -- thanks in advance!
  15. I just got my results at approximately 4pm - Unsuccessful, first year applying. Congratulations to all of the winners and better luck next year to everyone else!
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