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  1. how long did they take to make the announcement last year? my school hasn't contacted me about much...
  2. did anyone hear from Vanier regarding public announcements?
  3. Just heard back, will be declining my offer due to Vanier! Hope this gives someone whose waitlisted some hope! (I was waitlisted last year and all I wanted was someone to post something like this!) My committee was 187!
  4. is anyone in 187 who got results back?
  5. still nothing for me..
  6. got my email now - last name L, but I don't see anything except an empty file after i've downloaded it.
  7. hmmm i have yet to receive mine.. and my last name is L
  8. Which "email" are you guys talking about?
  9. Also in the same boat, last year I applied to PGS-D and got waitlisted and didn't even apply for Vanier. (Also in NSERC) There is hope for us people! Just because you think you're not good enough, doesn't mean you shouldn't apply. Best of luck to future applicants and congratulations to this year's applicants
  10. What if I got paid for those research assistantships ?? Would that go under employment? Also: if I had a publication from a conference with a DOI should I put it under pubs or conference pubs ? I only have one other pub so I thought of putting it under pubs 😕
  11. Hi everyone! Just wanted to create a thread for the upcoming vanier 2019-2020 application cycle since the competition is now up!! Also, to ask the question regarding "degree start date", does anyone know what I should put my date as start date if I've transferred from a MSc to PhD this Jan? But really I started September of 2017? Thanks in advance!
  12. Anyone in cell and molecular biology Hear back?
  13. i'm not even sure if the waitlist is moving? which is v unfortunate
  14. do you possibly know what they mean by 20 months ? is it inclusive or if i reach 20 months by the time that i have started by may 1st (assuming this wont change) 2020, am i not eligible?
  15. i wonder how many % of the shortlisted people actually get the award tho...did anyone find any stats on that?
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