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Vanier 2019-2020

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Hi everyone! 

Just wanted to create a thread for the upcoming vanier 2019-2020 application cycle since the competition is now up!! 

Also, to ask the question regarding "degree start date", does anyone know what I should put my date as start date if I've transferred from a MSc to PhD this Jan? But really I started September of 2017? 

Thanks in advance! 

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hello!- I am applying this year- I am not sure about your start date question sorry about that.

But I do have a question about the 'research contributions'- as someone without significant publications/conference participation,  what else can be added to this? Should I add one of my research assistantships for instance?

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What if I got paid for those research assistantships ?? Would that go under employment? 

Also: if I had a publication from a conference with a DOI should I put it under pubs or conference pubs ? I only have one other pub so I thought of putting it under pubs 😕  

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