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  1. Last year we got our results exactly on April 1st. You'll get an email notification by ResearchNet.
  2. You're absolutely right! We should also not care so much about 'prestige' or how 'prestigious' an award is. We are all incredible for undertaking a PhD in the first place - regardless if we finish or move on to other/better things. Thanks for this!
  3. I think that with 50k a year, it's a question of putting some aside for the 4th and 5th year of our PhD. I'm also starting my first year in the fall and that's what I intend on doing. We're also very privileged to have gotten such a big amount - some other students fund their PhD studies on 15k (OGS) a year.
  4. Just checked my ResearchNet profile - I also got a SSHRC-Vanier ! Congrats to everyone who got nominated. Also, I don't think you need that many publications to get Vanier. I only have one 3rd author article and one conference presentation. It's a really subjective process, so if anyone wants to apply next year, don't hesitate !
  5. Hopefully we only have one more week of waiting !
  6. Is anyone else having an issue with your research-net login ? I haven't checked it for months now, but when I tried to login earlier today, it kept giving me an error message.
  7. I'm also waiting for the results from Vanier-SSHRC. Glad I found this forum ! Wishing success to everyone. - John.
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