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  1. hello, I had the same question- and would this be in the cv/ccv as "recently submitted": title, journal, date submitted and submission number? thank you!
  2. hello!- I am applying this year- I am not sure about your start date question sorry about that. But I do have a question about the 'research contributions'- as someone without significant publications/conference participation, what else can be added to this? Should I add one of my research assistantships for instance?
  3. Thank you Adelaide9216! I do have another question- I was wondering whether the evaluating committees change every year, or will the same people be looking through my application? Would you have any idea? (not sure why this text is in boldface sorry about this!)
  4. hi! I was nominated for a Vanier the previous year but did not make it. I'm wondering if I should request one of my leadership references from someone else or if it might be better to simply keep the same referees and ask my previous referee if she might add in a few points that I'm guessing she had not earlier. Both referees are academics who know me in a non-academic setting. Would their positions as academics matter by the way? Also would it matter if my second academic reference was not from my former MA supervisor but just someone I took one course from? (I am a PhD student now
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