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  1. Thank you @nycgrad14. The research component is really my biggest concern -- the work that my PI is doing is basically my dream research (and was the best research-fit of all schools I interviews at), however it seems that the program itself really stresses clinical training > research, which I feel like is reflected by the 90% licensure rate. I'm very nervous about attending this program, which is not ranked as high as other programs I was interested in, seems to emphasize clinical training over research, and lacks any formal training in teaching, will possibly jeopardize my options of going into academia as a future career path... thoughts?
  2. Hi all! I've been accepted to the clinical psychology PhD program at St. John's University and was wondering if any of you here have any insight about the program. I feel like I didn't get enough information during my interview day so any input would be super helpful -- especially interested in feedback from current students in the program, others who have applied, or those who know someone in the department. Thanks!
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