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  1. Going crazy waiting for news.... I heard from one school back in December and I know I'm out of the running for 2 others (barring some miracle), but am still waiting to hear from 6 programs. From obsessively refreshing the results page on this site, it looks like the remaining 6 have all been pretty quiet, but it's still nerve wracking to think that invites could have gone out and I'd have no idea! Especially since this seems to be The Big Week based on looking at past years' results. Ahhhhhhh!
  2. Could the folks who heard from UBC and University of Washington for social psych please let me know who you applied to work with? Thanks!
  3. Hi all -- If the person who got the Princeton invite is on this thread, would you mind PM'ing me the name of your POI? Thanks so much! Fingers crossed that we will all get good news soon!
  4. Student Doctor Network! They have an interview thread for clinical and experimental psych applicants as well. Here's this year's (if you dare tempt yourself with another application-related thread... ): https://forums.studentdoctor.net/threads/2018-2019-phd-psyd-interview-invite-thread.1288337/#post-19516093
  5. I had a marginally related issue with a letter at UW. One of my recommenders had an issue with the LOR file size being too big to upload to the application. She submitted the letter weeks ago via email (per UW's instructions), but it wasn't showing up as received on my application checklist, even after I submitted the app. I called the general grad admissions office on Friday and the woman I spoke with said that it should show up within a couple days and to contact both the grad office again and the dept directly if not. It came through as "received" this morning. I'm not applying to the biology department, but if you haven't reached out to general grad admissions since applying, I'd contact them as soon as you can to nudge them. And ditto what TakeruK said above about alerting the bio department that the LORs are in the process of being transferred over to the new app. Hope it gets sorted soon!
  6. Joining in at the last minute (seems only right to mirror my application strategy). Hope everyone is on track to finish by tomorrow's deadline! Program of Interest: Social Psychology PhD (research areas: intergroup conflict, political and religious violence, and environmental resource scarcity). Schools: Princeton, NYU, Harvard, Stanford, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, University of Washington, University of British Columbia. A little nervous that I'm applying to so many "reach" schools, but too late to change course now! Worried About: Lack of psych publications and experimental research experience. One shaky semester of undergraduate grades (albeit at a top university). After college, I went straight to a T-5 law school and subsequently practiced international commercial and treaty dispute resolution in the U.S. and abroad for five years. In that sense, I'm not worried about my general research/writing/analytical skills. However, my switch to psychology happened relatively recently and I therefore haven't spent as much time as most folks have working in labs (though I currently work in two) or doing fieldwork (which is my ultimate dream). I enrolled in a post-bac program to get the relevant coursework under my belt, but decided to take the PhD application plunge before finishing it because I'm getting too old and it was getting too expensive. Not Worried About: GRE (V-99th, Q-89th, AW-98th), GPA (with caveat above), LoRs (2 psych profs I've established relationships with during my post-bac plus a lovely professional rec from a partner at my former firm), SOP/research interests/writing sample, conference talk, demonstrated ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment at the graduate level, professional experience, teaching experience (2 law school TAships, professional mentor/writing coach). GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!
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